An Olive Branch

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If you are outraged by the death of Stephon Clark, I have procured an olive branch for you. I also extend this olive branch to all communities of color. I express my sympathies for your loss and the lack of justice you will likely receive from our corrupt court system. Your communities seem to be plagued with police brutality and it is nowhere near your fault.The conditions you live under would be problematic for any ethnicity of people. You, for the most part, live in urban areas. Which as a result, will lead you to more interactions with the police. As more laws and legislation are added to the books, there are more incentives for the police to roam about your communities, stopping and frisking you at every opportunity. This, likewise leads to more incidents like that of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and now… Stephon Clark. The more common the interactions between people in your communities and the police, the more Stephon Clarks you are going to have.

Now as I watched these “March for Our Lives” rallies all across the nation, I couldn’t help but notice how many people of color were participating. Do you not realize that the legislation being proposed on guns is going to hit your communities harder than anywhere else? I know this might sound convenient coming from me at this time, but you need to do the math on this. Have you seen middle America? Have you seen rural America? Do have any idea how many guns are in circulation all throughout middle America? Do you have any idea how many sheriffs in small towns across middle America will not only refuse to enforce the new gun regulations, but will arrest any federal agents who try doing so in their communities? These new regulations are not going to hit the rural and middle American white communities anywhere NEAR as hard as they are going to hit yours. The reason for this is because you, for the most part living in urban areas, will have to face that deadly combination of more interactions with police and even more regulations being added into the equation.

If you think interactions between your communities and the police are bad now, just wait until these same police gunning you down for holding a soda can are tasked with shaking 330 million Americans down for damn near 60 million weapons now deemed “illegal by society”?

Just something you need to think about before you heed to the emotional knee jerk reactions of people who see you as nothing more than a voting block. More regulations leads to more interactions with police. More interactions with police leads to more incidents. Think about it.

If I was in your position, I would be trying to get regulations OFF the books. Not adding more. And I definitely wouldn’t be demanding that we give these same trigger happy police in my community the authority to go on a witch hunt for guns.

-Paul Galsante