Yes, It’s Communism

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Despite the fact a fringe anti-fascist activist or dedicated Socialist Rifle Association member will tell you they are extremely pro-gun, I’m not completely convinced this “March for Our Lives” doesn’t have communism all over it. In fact, this whole thing has SCREAMED communist subversion from day one. As if David Hogg giving a commie power fist at the end of his big speech and Emma Gonzalez wearing a Cuban flag patch wasn’t enough, this image pops up on social media…

So there it is, at last… Communist agenda exposed. Now we can piece the puzzle together. I have not seen any of Antifascistische Aktion, John Brown Gun Club, Socialist Rifle Association, Huey P. Newton Gun Club, Redneck Revolt, or any of the gun toting/pro gun leftist groups disrupting this march. These people will disrupt a group of boomer evangelicals trying to have a prayer in the park all day long. But when it comes to a bunch of tide pod eating teenagers marching for the government to confiscate the much-needed “weapons of war” needed by these groups to throw their armed rebellion, nobody from the armed left so much as counter-signals? Weird. It’s almost as if they are working together?.. You would be correct.

The left is nowhere near as anti-gun as they would have you believe. Just last week, I found myself in a debate on Facebook with some lefty edge-lord over what an “assault rifle” is. I go look on his profile, his profile pic is “March for Our Lives” while his cover photo is a YPG Kurd in Syria holding a freaking AK!! Can’t make this shit up. So he idolizes communist paramilitary insurgents in Syria who carry ACTUAL SELECT FIRE ASSAULT WEAPONS, but he’d prefer the Well Regulated Militia in his own community be reduced to shotguns and hunting rifles. Don’t be fooled into believing that these freaking leftists truly and sincerely want a gun free America. And if they truly gave a shit about the safety of kids in school, they would be campaigning to get the same protections IRS employees and judges and lawyers in the courthouse enjoy by demanding they put armed security or more resource officers in schools. Instead, they demand gun control.

They simply want a monopoly on the guns. This is not a campaign to disarm America completely. This is a campaign to disarm YOU. Communists don’t like the idea of civil war. They want all the bullets going in one direction and they only want one side to have the guns… Their side, of course. So they use their institutions, their media, and their politicians to pressure you.  Here’s how it works:

  1. They pressure lawmakers to demand you bring your guns in and register them.
  2. Once they deem which guns are acceptable and which are not, you will be relinquished of any and all guns that give you tactical advantage over anything other than a crackhead simply trying to raid your pill cabinet.
  3. All-the-while law abiding and right leaning Americans are pressured or shamed into reducing their firepower to 19th century style weaponry; leftist insurgent groups, gangs, Muslims, and criminals continue to arm themselves with Kalashnikovs, AR-15’s, and explosives .
  4. Once enough law abiding citizens have given up their tactical advantage and local law enforcement has been ordered to stand down, these radical leftist and minority groups, with the help of government storm troopers and deep state operatives will pillage you of everything you own and possibly your very life.

That’s the communist strategy for taking over America. Disarm you, get you out of the way, and then have their degenerate Orwellian paradise at last.

Hmmm… That raised fist looks awfully familiar. Fascism maybe?

AH!!! That’s right! Communism!

Who would have ever guessed?

Never give up your guns, people! What comes after is much worse.

-Paul Galsante