Charlottesville is coming to your doorstep.

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If you let the hammer fall, we’ll lose it all!

America is dying and is under great threat. The threat is real, your children’s fate is real and you’re damn right the hammer falling on you is real. However, the rest of society conveniently doesn’t see it and calls you crazy for pointing it out!  The hammer is the establishment that wants to create a permanent subservient underclass. The Hammer is the dregs of society empowered to display filth on the streets while also having a go at your kids too. The Hammer is Private Corporations that see no color but green. The Hammer is almost every school system in which they do their utmost to mentally rape the youth.

What does this have to do with Cville you ask?  Oh, I’m getting to that.   The point I’m making, which I ask everyone to heed to is NEVER BLACKPILL! If and when you blackpill, you accept an America where child rapists get Nobel peace prizes. You accept an America where your towns and cities are nothing but a playground for tribal aboriginals to fight their “Turf war”. You accept an America that will openly slaughter your great grandkids on the same streets you grew up near. And if you voice any concern you’ll get shut down and arrested for “Hate Speech” laws.

So you’re telling me you want to blackpill to a pan-sexual trans-liquid dyke? These people want you dead if not broken. These are the same people that think lowering your testosterone, reporting on your neighbors for owning guns and sticking dildos in their asses makes them revolutionaries. Yeah, they’re cringey as hell but that’s not the point. The point is they are what teaches your child 8 hours out of every day and you wonder why so many people are just going postal?

Recently I was on a fairly long bus ride where I had to listen to a brain dead SJW complain for three hours straight about nothing. She was spouting about many subjects: “Oh the migrant issue is because Whites refuse to be diverse, it’s their problem.” “I like, totally can’t stand, like this, like thing where people pre-judge me and shit!”  “Men and families need to be broken apart, that is the only way the gay revolution can happen.”

Yes you fucking cunt, I am judging you. Nevermind the political diarrhea you call thought, the very fact you used “like” every nano-second made me want to throat punch you. However, I don’t have time to waste with broken tools.

That is one of the hammers, a bunch of dregs.    You may feel compelled to say “Oh well, I don’t want to side with EVIL RACIST NAZIS!”  I have news for you, what you call “evil racist nazis” are the only people in America that would legitimately care if you got into a bad patch in your life. They are the only thing standing between you and current South Africa. Pick your choices wisely!

The Hammer will fall on you, just like it fell on members of the Traditionalist Workers Party, Identity Evropa and League of the South on August 12th.

Whether you like it or not, Generation tidepod is going to be holding the levers of power and boy is THAT scary! But we have our Gen Z as well.    Like I said before, moderates will lose because they cannot and will not adapt to the changing times. We are in 2018 people!  Wake up and do something before you find a mob of rapid Commies at your door. Becuase once all the active American Patriots are gone, they’ll be coming for YOU!

-White Eagle