Backseat Activists

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When I think of the nation I see fields of grain blowing in the breeze of life. I see children playing with their parents. I see the national banner flying aloft to productive work and constant action, thought, and force.  Arms always at the ready. The nation is a living breathing organic conception of life. It is made of bonds strong and disciplined. Everyone free with the knowledge that they have a purpose with direction.    The people at ease but always aware of the severe storm that was thrust away by Patriots before, present and future.    That is America as it should be.

The everyday American does not see it this way though.  They see fields of production to be wasted, they see a child as an unneeded pain. They see the national banner like any throwaway napkin. They see America as an endless shopping mall that anyone and anything can be put into it regardless of the effects. They see America as a Democracy for pleasure and want. Instead of a Republic of duty and need.  With this thought commonplace, it’s a wonder our nation is still here.  It will cease to exist if the concept of selfishness is continued.   To reclaim America we must click our boots together, put our hearts in the right place and go forward to the answer and the answer is a new state.

As it stands currently, our social order is at Babylon tier madness, our will is twisted to defeatism and our spirit is ripped from our very being.

We have people in quite a few groups doing effective on the ground and off the ground activism to restore our America and RECLAIM IT! At the same time, we now have many negative detractors that have done absolutely NOTHING for the Patriot movement. They have not talked to anyone in real life, they have not donated a single penny and have never done on the ground activism. Yet they have the gall to “Have it all figured out”.  Nothing is good enough for them and instead of being an example to follow they complain like five-year-olds. They do nothing and have done nothing and will continue to do nothing while they sit behind their keyboards focusing more energy on defeating their own than the enemy. Call them Cuckservatives, counter signallers or what I like, “BACKSEAT ACTIVISTS”.    They have a steadfast mission to bury us so that our enemy may pity us when they win. They look for any excuse to not do anything, yet complain.  I have this to say to you.

Shut your mouth!

Now onto those that have a brain.  Thank you for reading this far. I am sure you are more capable than those that sit behind keyboards and preach about Monarchy and muh Monastery delusion.

We are at a critical point folks.  Our rights and way of life will look like South Africa in OUR lifetime if we do not heed this call to action.  We have a chance as long as we do not allow these lazy talking heads to influence OUR struggle. We can collectivize our people to act on their own interest for once, we can save America from the downward spiral. Only if you all start getting busy like I and many others.  Peace is ours, but we will not beg for it.

A quote from a better man about the subject: “The real red pill is when you realize the optics debate never ends, because backseat activists will volley aimless critiques no matter what you do because they need some excuse not to get involved, not that they actually want to see you succeed.”

-White Eagle