Egalitarianism: And Why the White Family Is Not Included

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One could argue that egalitarianism is among the most noble of beliefs. The strive for the egalitarian paradise is common place among the social Democrat, the progressive liberal, and the left leaning libertarian. The thing is, if it was actually practiced out of context, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad? Just entertaining the thought, of course. Basic equal rights for everybody, what could possibly go wrong? The major problem with this egalitarian paradise is the people who strive for it typically want you gone beforehand.

There’s always a catch when it comes to the cis-gendered white male and the traditional white family. Like almost every other “future” the left seems to mainstream the longing for into society, whether it be the stateless collective of anarcho-communism, the assault weapons free consumerist utopia with a massive welfare state, or the Socialist police state that imprisons you for using the wrong gender pronoun; in the egalitarian paradise, we are not included. This is common place for any futuristic agenda of the left. At least there is mercy in just being excluded from the future altogether. Because the only other option is being allowed into it without any form of dignity or identity. At the rate we’re going in this society, the white man of the future has 3 options:

  1. The “most noble” and preferred route for you is transgenderism. What better way to pay your reparations for the centuries of oppression than to castrate yourself out of the gene pool? It’s only right that you hate yourself that much. It’s the evolution of the white man’s burden.
  2. If you do hold on to your basic primal drive as a man, you better grab yourself a 3rd world aboriginal of some sort and your offspring better not favor you in the least little bit. What’s expected of you is nothing short of an entire generation of mystery meat. I mean it’s straight. It’s not like anybody will ever need a blood transfusion now that we got those evil AR15’s out of society. So what difference does it make if your offspring doesn’t have a blood type compatible with anybody else?
  3. If by some freak occurrence you do wife up a fellow white, you better not be knocking her up. Better yet, get into the porn industry and whore her out to get gangbanged by Tyrone and the basketball team, while you hold the camera. I mean hey, you’ll make some freaking money off the deal and at the end of the day you’re still more than welcome to whatever is left of the goods. You’re not racist are you?

We are the exception to the basic principles the leftist lives by. I mean, who really lives up to their own standards beyond what’s convenient for them? Sure they want an egalitarian society where everybody has basic human rights. They just want it after you get moved to the dust bin of History.

This is your reward for putting the days of conquering and enslaving behind you. This is your reward for wanting to make it right. This is your reward for trying to build those whom you once ruled over up to your level. This is your reward… Revenge.

The reality is, the future is right around the corner. And buddy, we just can’t seem to get there fast enough. Scrap the slippery slope, get ready for the slip ‘n slide.

Therefore, if you make any kind of stand for your identity, your existence, or your basic human dignity, not only are you guilty of trying to bring back Jim Crow… You’re preventing us from moving with the times. We can’t have our egalitarian paradise until you’re gone cis-scum. So get out of the way. Either pay your reparations or go die somewhere. Follow your leader and kill yourself. 

-Paul Galsante