Holding Your Children Hostage

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Regardless where you stand on guns, should our children not be protected when we place them in custody of the government for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week? Blame the NRA all you want. The sensible and immediate solution to school shootings is to increase security measures in schools. The NRA are not the people standing in the way of properly protecting our children while they sit in a government building for 8 hours a day… That would be the Democrats and the Socialist types standing in the way of that.

These liberal pseudo Marxist parasites do not give a rat’s ass about the safety of your children. In fact, to the contrary. They want to hold them hostage as a means of bringing about their agenda. Here’s their tactic:

  1. Block any and all measures of bringing security into schools. This way, your children remain a soft target and are under constant threat of a psychopath coming in and committing mass murder.
  2. Usher in ineffective duck-and-run measures of preparedness for school shooters.
  3. When they negligently allow one of these shooters into the school, they can stand on the graves of YOUR dead children and attempt to guilt trip you into handing over your Second Amendment rights.

So yes, these people are crying on television and constantly pointing fingers at the NRA and people who own AR15’s, while they are literally holding your children hostage as a means of twisting your arm into giving up your right to defense. I am surprised none of my fellow constituents on the pro-2A side of the isle have caught onto this or pointed it out. When you realize the left have campaigned for decades to keep schools gun free to the extent that our children are left completely defenseless, despite these tragedies, their virtue signalling becomes utterly pathetic in the wake of these horrific events. This is classic Marxist type thinking. This is what is referred to asĀ Hegalian Dialect: Create problem, offer solution.

Ever try having the conversation with your everyday grassroots level gun control activist? So you try to make the case for a handful of teachers to have the ability to bring their concealed carry and receive the proper training to counter an active shooter. What happens next? All the sudden you are accused of wanting to make it mandatory that ALL TEACHERS carry guns in school. Isn’t it strange how they’re so blatantly misunderstanding your solution? Well, they simply aren’t hearing you and they are not going to. The indoctrination of these people just runs that deep, apparently. They will move the goalpost around as many times as they can and then they’ll drop the subject entirely, going back to what they really want… Gun control.

Regardless how you feel about guns, if you have any form of rationality in your skull, you should agree that holding children hostage under ANY circumstance is wrong. Quite frankly, IT’S FUCKED UP! Making 1/3rd of the population choose between their God-given Constitutional Right to Bear Arms and everybody else’s children is not fair to anybody. It’s not fair for parents, it’s not fair for law abiding gun owners, it’s not fair for teachers, and most importantly, it sure as shit isn’t fair for the kids! In the time these people have wasted trying and failing at gutting our 2nd Amendment, they could have secured our damn schools. But no, gun control is of top priority for the left. And what better way to twist your arm into cowering to their irrational demands than holding your children hostage so they can stand on their dead bodies the next time government agencies and the police conveniently allow some psychopath to walk into a school and commit mass murder?

Do not, under any circumstance, give up your God-given right to self defense. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Instead, continue to demand that our schools take more responsibility for the safety of our children, since they are so insistent that we place them in their care 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and 10 months out of the year. And if these social degenerates counter you on this demand, kindly inform them you are ‘not going to allow them to hold your children hostage just so they can get their Port Arthur massacre’.

As far as I’m concerned, the left can stick their tears, their virtue signalling, and their gun control up their asses! I am onto these people. I’m not buying into their garbage and neither should you.

-Paul Galsante