The Real Reason the Left Wants Your Assault Weapons

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I know, your AR15’s and other modern sporting rifles are technically not “assault weapons”, but please just try to bear with me here.

I’ve heard it stated a few times that people who have a problem with the Second Amendment are the reason it was written. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Do you ever wonder why the left, overall, is constantly bitching and moaning about “Assault rifles”, high capacity mags, and how we need to renew the Clinton era AWB? Why is the left so fixated on “assault rifles”? Because there’s a high probability that the people you would need an AR15 or an AK47 to protect yourself and your family from… Would be leftists. That is why the left is so fixated on your AR15, because THEY are the most likely candidates that you would end up having to use it on.

Yes, these guns were designed to kill. Yes, they were designed to kill large numbers of people. So what is the scenario where a citizen would actually need one of these rifles? Well for one, and the main reason the leftists loathe these guns so much, they are ideal for defending yourself, your property, and your business from looting, rioting, and mob violence… Which over the past 10 years, has gradually become commonplace with none other than the left. That is what the left has become, an angry mob. Therefore, of course they want your defense capabilities reduced to a shotgun and maybe a revolver. If they have you reduced to a shotgun or a revolver, they don’t have much to worry about in regards to how many people they could lose when they unleash their angry mob upon you.

In a riot type situation, the police are not coming to save you. A revolver or a shotgun isn’t going to do you much good. Frankly, in that situation, you and your family deserve every advantage you can get. THAT is the most likely scenario where you are going to need your AR15 or your WASR 10. The left doesn’t see it that way. Why? Because you are not simply political opposition to them. You are their enemy. You are an American, you are autonomous, and you prefer to stand up for your interests the same as anybody else. Simply put, you are a demographic that just so happens to be standing between them and their egalitarian paradise. And the unruly mob, consisting primarily of their voting block, is their weapon against you. Whether it be Black Bloc, BLM, or any other Marxist/Anarchist organization organized by the SPLC, chaos is their weapon. What they can’t demolish with their long march through the institution, they demolish with their unruly mob.

So yes of course, the party of rioting, looting, and ganging political dissidents in the streets wants to limit your defense capabilities. There you have it. That is the REAL reason the left wants your AR15 melted into re-bar or chopped up into scrap metal… Because it is your best form of defense against them.

Never give up your guns!!!

-Paul Galsante