Frankenstein’s Monster

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Welcome to a real horror movie ladies and gentlemen!

Only instead of a movie, it’s real life.  The modern establishment is like Doctor Frankenstein, they, like him thought they could create an abomination and not have it go against them, they are wrong. They are wrong just like Doctor Frankenstein was, let me explain.

Today we have a multigenerational indoctrination system most people do not speak of, not because they’re not smart enough to figure it out, no, they’re too afraid to admit it.  We have a system that puts kids on 8 different types of drugs that have names like (Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, Trazodone, Ritalin, and Adderal.)

Do these kids really need any of that to “Pay attention” or “behave properly”? That’s one of the indirect ways you are creating a Frankenstein, it’s mother fuckers like YOU that run over to the drug pushers AKA (Your family doctor) everytime YOU as a parent are too lazy or careless to do YOUR job!  Add that on top of the fact that you put your kids in a school system that teaches half of them to be a walking fist for a brain and the other half to be weak, meek and just let the whole world walk over them.

That’s a recipe for disaster and you know it!

Yet you act so surprised when a school shooting happens, you people are responsible. You knowingly put a barrier between yourselves and your kids, doping them up instead of talking to them LIKE A PARENT SHOULD!  You plopped them down in front of the T.V for years on end, you formed ZERO connection with your child. When your child was being bullied instead of telling him to stand up for himself and punch the bully in the face so it would end right then and there, you said: “Just deal with it”.  “Run to a teacher” that frankly doesn’t give a flying fuck how your kid turns out. But no you couldn’t stop there, could you? No, you had to practically put the gun in your son’s hands.

You, for the most part, have torn your children from any heritage or cultural grounding speak of, for the sake of virtue signaling. You purposefully put them in hostile areas, in schools that practically make it their life mission to drill in sadistic masochism into the kid, and you at the end of the day have the audacity to say “I didn’t see it coming!”  You can go get fucked! Yeah I said it and I’ll say it again, YOU CAN GO GET FUCKED!   Speaking of drugs have you been taking fucking Xanax all your life?

How milquetoast can you be?   At the end of the day, it’s no surprise these shootings happen, you have destroyed the family, the only sense of community you depraved pieces of shit have are either sodomy displays or department store parades, because “That’s who we are” as Americans. God forbid President Trump has a Military parade, trying to showcase some semblance of nationhood. It’s people like you that dedicate your lives to make life meaningless. It’s people like you that suck all spirt out of everything, unless of course if it’s pimping out your ten-year-old son as a drag queen, scaring him for life.  Bringing him around some of the most dangerous people you can find, yes I’m talking pedos and you have the gall to say “I care about the kids!” Again go get FUCKED! If there are any future predictions of any random acts of violence then it’s most likely going to be your own kid you messed up yourself!

-White Eagle