NO! The American People Do Not Want War

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Blow the bugle call of war all you like. Americans are not going to be trampling all over each other getting to the recruiting offices for this one. I just watched a video of a downed Russian pilot blow himself up with a grenade in a last stand against would-be al Nusra captors, a group that frankly we as Americans should be FIGHTING… not backing.

You MIC Generals and you freaking Democrats better raise up your own private armies, because Americans are not heeding this one. You think Vietnam was an unpopular war? You haven’t seen the worst of it.

I get it! You Democrats are buttmad because you didn’t get your first woman President. And you Generals? Well, I guess when the Military Industrial Complex butters your bread enough, you become a dog of war. The problem is, you people seem to have forgotten the fact that the American people chose NOT to go to war with Russia in 2016. The option to go to war with Russia was on the ballot and instead, we elected Donald J. Trump. I guess the American people just can’t get what we voted for, can we? And before you even try turning that around on me in regards to “muh popular vote”, 3 million + illegal immigrants in California do not count.

So, you Generals, and that includes you Mr. Defense Secretary “Mad Dog”: Where do your loyalties lie? To the American people you have sworn to protect? How about your Commander in Chief? Any allegiance to him? Or are you secretly taking orders/donations from the very people waging a soft coup against your Commander in Chief who the people you swore to protect elected?

And you Democrats? If you think you’re going to send our children off to war all because you want to make up conspiracy theories out of thin air and then not receive backlash, you are severely mistaken. And knowing you lot, you’d probably conscript as many able bodied men as you possibly could to go die in your stupid war for no other reason than to get your replacement demographic at last. If they do by some miracle make it back alive or don’t end up wasting away the better years of their life in a Siberian POW camp, they come home to find their wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters either raped by or sold off to Sub-Saharan Africans and fleeing ISIS fighters, plus then find their sons and fathers violently mutilated by tattooed Central American aboriginals. Hey, at least you would have your voting block.

And just a reminder… Russia and China are both major Nuclear powers. No, they don’t have a damn near 600 billion dollar defense budget, but they’re not necessarily illiterate Arab proxies armed with cell phones and 1960’s era cold war weaponry either. These are major world powers. This would be a war like we’ve never seen before. In all honesty, Russia and China are not the doors we need to be knocking on.

So Mr. President: The Economy is fine now. It’s time to step up and be Commander in Chief. You should have known how nasty of a situation you were walking into and I get it, these people have leverage on you… I mean, these people have leverage on everybody. But that is the job you have taken up. So, stop taking this shit the media and the Democrats are peddling on the chin and get your damn Generals under control!! YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT!! If you can’t make a stand, nobody can.

-Paul Galsante