How BLM and the Left Screwed Everybody Out of Police Reform

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Imagine if we had come together as a nation and demanded police reform. I think if you asked all across the Nation, you would find agreement of all races and on both sides of the political spectrum, this country is in dire need of police reform. It’s obvious not all cops are bad. Behind that badge is a beating heart, same as mine and yours. But between the policies, the courts, and the growing levels of distrust between the populace and the establishment, policing is turning into militarization.

The words “Serve and Protect” should mean something, but not so much anymore. Between policies become more radical and infringing and the courts becoming more corrupt with interests and political agendas, your traditional every-day policing is diminishing. Acting as an occupational force is becoming the standard procedure.

Police departments are significantly understaffed. I would be willing to bet the leading cause to this is the undesirable lower end salaries. Generally speaking, you’re not going to get professional behavior from somebody who barely clears a 30 thousand dollar salary. To put this into perspective for you, imagine what kind of medical treatment we would get if we paid doctors and nurses as little as we pay cops. Who, with any ounce of ambition or higher aspirations, is going to get into a career pathway that requires them to go put on a uniform that could get them killed simply for wearing it, work 12-14 hour shifts, get no appreciation, and maybe make enough money to afford a two bedroom apartment at best? I’m sure there are some, but not many. My guess would be three main groups of people want to be cops: People who come from a family tradition of law enforcement, disgruntled military veterans, and the most dangerous, people who want authority… Or in other words, a license to kill. If we are to have any kind of police reform, this must be addressed.

The first step to police reform is blatantly obvious: Decrease the amount of interactions between the populace and the police. I thought first responders were a form of public service. Fire trucks don’t drive around looking for fires. Ambulances don’t ride around looking for people who are injured. If we need them, we call them. Why can’t police function more like this? Because one word: Laws. The first step to bringing about police reform is to decrease interactions between the populace and the police. The way you do that is by taking laws OFF the books… not adding more. If we want less of a police state, we have got to start reverting back in the direction of natural and common law. The more laws we have, the more criminals we have. The more criminals we have, the more policing we need. Police may still walk their beat and patrol, that is to be expected. They do have a specific function and they are a necessity whether we like it or not. But so long as we continue to imprison people for victimless crimes and continue Reagan’s war on drugs, we will never have police reform. Period!

So where do BLM and the Left come into play? 

#Black Lives Matter (BLM) originally claimed to be set up as an organization focused on bringing about police reform and safeguarding people of color from police brutality. But as it turns out, they’re just another extension of NGO’s such as Open Society Foundation… Agenda above all. It’s almost as if police reform was never even a priority to begin with. Fact is, even if they were serious about police reform, they chose their battles poorly. Any incident where a minority was shot or mishandled by the police, whether justified or not, there was outrage and anarchy in the streets. They rarely ever waited on the facts of such incidents to surface and they made no effort to differentiate between criminals who fought the law and lost, and actual injustices. The message that sends is this: “I WANT TO GO OUT AND ACT ANY WAY I PLEASE WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT BEING ARRESTED!!” Basically, that is childish mentality and shows a complete lack of proper childhood upbringing. No, on those grounds, we are not going to get any police reform. Thanks a lot. 

What hurt them more than anything was the fact that whites were alienated. From the get-go, the blame was put on whites. Many whites would absolutely agree that we need police reform. Perhaps, occupational force style tactics are not as rampant among whites as they are with blacks, but whites feel the brunt of police brutality as well. Throughout the final years of the Obama administration, we could have come together as a nation and brought about police reform, because we are well overdue for it. But instead, they built the foundation of their organization upon communism, lawlessness, and hatred for white people. As a direct result of this, white people… especially right leaning white people became less and less empathetic to their grievances.

So now what do we have? We still have no police reform, more laws are continuously added to the books, the establishment has increased in size, and everybody is filled with hate. Again, thanks a lot.

For future reference: If you want to create an organization focused on bringing about police reform, don’t fill your ranks with thugs and criminals who just want an excuse to go loot their liquor stores. And if you want to join an organization focused on bringing about police reform, make sure the people you are following aren’t a bunch of Maoists with their own agenda, who are just looking for the proper platform to throw a short-lived revolution.

-Paul Galsante