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This needs to be said and I’m going to say it.

Those of you who get more enraged by NFL sports have killed America. Those of you that put on Camo to protect poppy fields in our “War Against Terror” have killed America. Those of you who said nothing when a bunch of sexual perverts infiltrated public schools have killed America. Men and women who entertain the idea of dissolving the family unit have killed America. Never mind getting little Jimmy hopped up on puberty blockers at the age of 8 so he can have his penis chopped off at the age of 12. Never mind Bernie-bro-socialists lining up to praise the unveiling of the Baphomet statue in Detroit. Never mind the fact that a 3 star general is waving his dick at the idea of, as he put it “A BIG ASS WAR!” with Russia. NO! The bare minimum fact that the majority of the United States population is being apathetic and nihilistic to everything around them is what has FUCKING KILLED AMERICA!  YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS OWN THIS!

No, I’m not talking about my own personal rage against you. Because of your inaction, our nation is going to disappear and then there is going to be no reset. We’ll have a real reset under proper Patriotism, but with the way things are going you’ll soon be praying and begging to be a proxy of Russia or China by the time you’re through with the endless hordes of degenerate anarchists that will the seize the opportunity to burn your home, rip your eyes out with pair of pliers, rape your wife and kids in front of you, and to top it off, you can’t do jack shit about it.

You think I’m kidding? Look into the eyes of any ANTIFA member and or any other leftist unhinged animal and tell me they’d be nice to you if no law enforcement weren’t in the equation. They have that stare about them, they’ll do all of the above whether you like it or not.

Trump is not getting reelected… that’s the truth. If our next President is Kamala Harris, you better believe you’re going to be paying an extra “Muh reparations, fuck whitey tax!”  You better believe that your childhood playgrounds will be like everyday life in Central America. You better believe that you’re going to get stopped on your way to work on the side of the highway by some mulatto bitch with her infant baby in front of you, while her roided out boyfriend smashes out your driver side window, dragging you out of your vehicle LA riot style. You will be getting beat with a brick till you lose consciousness or straight up die then and there. CNN will report that “We just need to understand the plight of colored people” while your bloodied body lays on the cold cement. Your wife, husband, and child disowned by their own family if any of them just so dare be upset over it. That is the future that is paved by inaction.

However, if you still have some semblance of reason and common sense, you’ll keep reading.  There needs to be an opening of a new front of Americans who ACTUALLY CARE. I’m not talking voting GOP just a little harder. I’m not talking calling up your local representative. They are NOT going to listen to you and if you think they will, you’re lying to yourself.

What awaits us in the black abyss is either the beginning of a new dawn or it is the death of reason. It will come to us with which path we pave. We are the masters of our destiny and we control the reigns of our steed… The steed has always followed our commands. It only is without you because you abused her for too long and she is afraid to ride with you because you are incapable of riding. You as a modern man are a former shell of what you once where. You have been neutered and domesticated like a damn dog. You are without your own grip on reality and have drunken your liberties away to be some else’s prized pet. You have accepted like gospel, the narrow dogmatic view of defeatism for yourself and victory… even at the expense of your own life to someone else. You are a pawn in a great game and you don’t even know it.

Do not take this as another episodic pill of depression, this is a bitter pill but it’s the truth.

America one hundred years ago: 1918

America as it is and somehow always was and is better off this way?

Yeah, I don’t think so.  You want to hand over our nation to a bunch of savages? Go right ahead! We will not pity you when your home is invaded. Why? Because you killed America!   If you want to save America, you join groups like Patriot Front and other pro-America organizations.

-White Eagle