Antifa Terrorist Strangles Elderly Trump Supporter

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If the Justice Department and the police refuse to stop ANTIFA from attacking random
Americans, then we must do it ourselves. It is time to start taking responsibility for our own
safety. Oh and just so you know… If they have intentions of using a potentially deadly object to
harm you (bike lock, long board, etc.) , in many states you have to right to stand your ground
and use deadly force.
Finally, they have gone over the edge of reason! But will you?
Through the past year we have seen a group known as “ANTIFA” or “Anti-Fascist-Aktion”, roam
the streets of America like a pack of wild animals, attacking everything and everyone in sight
from Trump supporters to supposed members of the Alt-Right. They are being pumped full of
leftist propaganda and being a re-brand of Trotskyism. It is a deadly recipe for anyone that does
not keep up to date on real-world affairs.
However, as of January 21st of 2018, they have gone beyond pepper spraying women and
beating men over the head with flag poles. As of recently, they have strangled an elderly Trump
supporting man near to death.
His windpipe was crushed and he was rushed to the hospital via
NYPD escort.
This gentleman was at a pro-Alternative right event. Most in America would
assume freedom of thought still existed, but sadly, those days are no more.
It all began late at night, he had been attending a pro-American event when on his way out he
was punched in the face multiple times and then fell unto the cold winter curb.
By then an Antifa
member decided to go into full-blown psycho mode.
The person put both his hands on the
man’s throat and did his upmost to kill him right then and there.
If the NYPD was not near the scene, the gentleman would have been dead. So where do we go
from here? It’s obvious to everyone that the system is not going to do anything. From colleges
professors to drug addicts.
From doxing your livelihood to trying to kill in you in the streets over
your own personal beliefs. And for the love of God, don’t define ANTIFA as the “Real definition
of Fascism”, because they are NOT! THEY ARE ANARCHO-COMMUNISTS.
Just look where
they began. They started hell-bent forcing their backwards ideology down everyone’s throats in
pre Second World War Germany (Weimar Republic) and are doing so now. So, are you just
going to sit down and take it? What kind of American are you? These people don’t just want
some unrealistic utopia they can’t even define.
They want to watch the world burn.
We can only pray that this man recovers. But when it comes to us, you and I, we should be aiming to NOT be the next victim of some pissed off AN-Queer!