Merged Into One Class

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The elites want everyone from the black community, to the trailer park, to middle class white suburbia merged into one economic class. How are they doing this? Through ghetto culture. If we are to save America, one thing that damn well better be on the to-do list is to rid our society of ghetto culture.

Let me make something clear: BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR GHETTO CULTURE!! We automatically associate ghetto culture with the black community. Why? Because, the black community is where ghetto culture has run its course to the entirety. Think of ghetto culture as a vacuum that sucks the generations into a downward spiral. Ghetto culture is a combination of mind corrupting music, excessive drug use, and hyper-sexuality. It is a creation of the upper classes and the elites. It is pushed almost entirely through government handouts, the courts, and last but not not least, entertainment. What is the endgame of ghetto culture? To keep poverty flourishing, to destroy the family, and to promote lawlessness. This, as a result, makes the case for the ruling classes to put the boot down on the lower classes through excessive policing and infringement on basic human rights. It ran its course through the black community. Now it’s running its course through the lower end white communities.

Remember up until about the early 2000’s, high teen pregnancy rates and rampant single motherhood was for the most part confined to the black community? Well, what happened? Now we see it happening in the white community. How did this happen? How did one of the most significant factors of ghetto culture find its way into the suburban neighborhoods and rural trailer parks? Two things:

  • One being diversity, in particularly through school zoning and other education programs such as “no child left behind”. This allows black kids brought up in ghetto culture to influence white kids who are not.
  • The second is through entertainment, especially through hip-hop music. Did it ever occur to you that white suburban millennials purchased hip-hop albums and mp-3 downloads at a much higher rate than any other American demographic?

Connecting the dots and giving a full demonstration on how this happens is a topic for another day and perhaps another author. But make no mistake, the effects can be observed.

So now what do we have? For one, we have good-ole boys now adding sub-woofers to their jacked up pick up trucks. We have mixed race mulattoes becoming just as prevalent as the white kids in the trailer parks. Country music artists add hip-hop style beats and spit lines of Ebonics in order to stay relevant with their audiences growing more and more inclined to hip-hop music and the rave scene. More and more white kids are growing up in broken homes or born out of wedlock. We have women getting knocked up and then ditching the baby daddy in exchange for not only his pay check, but also tax payer funded government programs such as welfare and food stamps… Much easier to receive those programs as a “strong independent” single mother. So she smokes up and parties away all the money she gets from baby daddy and the American tax payer while the kid is living off of animal crackers and PBJ sandwiches. On the other side of town, baby daddy knows he is getting a rotten deal, but it’s straight. He’s not worried about it. He’s worried about his next piece of ass. Goes without saying, he isn’t thinking about the next kid he’s bringing into his fucked up situation.

…And there you have it. Ghetto culture in the white community.

So why merge all these demographics together? To create an easily controlled lower class. It’s basically to get everybody in one category and one place. It makes everything easier for the ruling class. The long term effects of this program include, but are not limited to:

  • An entire class of people without any form of family structure. This way, children will grow up with no direction. They will be wards of the state all throughout their childhood. The girls will grow up only to bring more children into the cycle and the boys will grow up only to spend their adult life constantly in and out of incarceration.
  • Welfare and other government handouts will make up more than half of what little income goes into this class of people. These people may have complete disregard for morality and laws, but they will never revolt. They will never run the risk of losing their dope money or their meal ticket. So at the end of the day, they are controlled.
  • Crime will be rampant. This will lead to the necessity for a police state, to completely disband all forms of self defense for the law abiding and the working classes, and the prison industrial complex will grow larger than one can even imagine.

This is the future ghetto culture brings. Ghetto culture is a weapon brought about by the ruling class to merge the lower classes into one and ensure a downward spiral. If ghetto culture can’t guarantee anything else, it guarantees that America will become Brazil 2.0.

-Paul Galsante