Marxist Pope Francis Gives Abortion Activist Medal of Knighthood

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Cultural Marxist Cuck pope Francis has bestowed fat witch abortionist Lilianne Ploumen with the title of “Commander of the Pontificial Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great”. If you look at this lady, I would bet any amount of money she’s not going to command anything other than maybe a gaggle of spoonfed cats in her apartment. I’m not sure who St. Gregory was but I don’t think he would be too amused with the idea of a baby killing hog being the commander of his Equestrian Order.

Equestrian Order? Doesn’t that mean you ride horses? I think the only horse that this cow knows how to ride is the baloney pony to which she can willy nilly evacuate her putrid womb of any life out of convenience.

This lady just echoes with progressivism.

In a Dutch radio interview, Ploumen said she sees the award as a “Sign of the Pope’s Progressivism” in acknowledging her work in “Abortion Rights”. Especially since she admitted that this award came after spending all of last year and tons of “personal investment” lobbying the Vatican for it.

The honor of this award is due to her founding of an organization called “She Decides” that offers funding and financial support for NGOs around the world that provide, carry out and promote abortion rights.

During the rite the Pope proclaims that “Becoming a Knight/Dame does not merely mean receiving a title of honour—even though it is well deserved—but fighting evil, promoting good and defending the weak and oppressed against injustice,”. Although I’m not sure who could be more weak and defenseless than and unborn baby and who could be more evil than someone who kills babies. I’m not the pope but that makes sense to my code of morality.

Ploumen has been described as a “Radical Supporter of Homosexual Rights” who in 2010 rallied homosexuals to disrupt Mass in a Dutch cathedral after a priest denied a gay man of Holy Communion. Last fall Ploumen gave a celebrated speech at a prominent LGBT group even at the United Nations.

The Church and Pope Francis claim that this award has nothing to do with her stance on abortion or homosexuality but her work with human rights. Don’t worry fam, we believe you. She totally seems like a virtuous woman of faith who deserves a prolific honor from the Pope himself.

Just kidding. You’re a Marxist scumbag and we all know it.

-Dave Martel