TradTHOT Faith Goldy Accused of Cheating on Fiancée with Teenage Boy (Pics Leaked)

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Supposed Redpilled journalist formally of Rebel Media has been accused on social media of being unfaithful to her fiancée with a 19 year old boy named Jason. Now, I’m not at all claiming this is anything more than an accusation. However, if it’s true, Miss Faith needs to be ran out of town. The Traditionalist movement has ZERO place for philandering pigs. Especially ones that LARP as virtuous wives and then behave like degenerate modernist feminists. Too many women are cashing in on our movement by skanking around as half assed journalists begging for donations from thirsty orbiters. If it turns out to be false, I’ll be more than happy to take this down. I’m not saying it’s true or not, I’m just reporting the accusations in question. Here’s the sperg out from the salty ex girlfriend of the teenager who supposedly pooned Faith.

Following that, a series of pictures have been released of Faith supposedly sending dirty pictures to said Teenager. I can’t confirm the source of the pictures. Definitely looks like her.

To top it all off, here’s a picture of what looks to be faith taking a selfie with this Jason character who is not her soon to be husband.

I hope this isn’t true. Faith, you’ve asserted yourself as a Traditional Catholic wife for so long, it would be a disaster if it turned out you were cheating on who you’ve made a holy commitment to.