Professor X’s Gay Black Son Corey Booker Moans like Bitch

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WAAAAHHH How dare you not have dangerously low T levels like I do! Listen to this soyboy limpwrist moan like a prison bitch because the God-Emperor accurately describes toilet countries as shitholes. I’m sorry Mr. Booker, you’re right, their flowing rivers of human feces and marauding warlords make Africa and Haiti shining examples of human accomplishment and civility.

Give me a fucking break. “Your silence and amnesia is complicity”. Complicity in what? Pointing out that Haiti sucks? Complicity in not thoughtpolicing Trump and literally all of normal America into not admitting the truth? How about complicity in ignoring the fact that the Clintons literally destroyed the country of Haiti with their criminal cartel? Complicity in Haitian children being abducted by UN Peacekeepers and rescued from Epstein’s Lolita Island because the Clintons traffic child sex slaves? Complicity in not speaking up with the Haitian economic adviser mysteriously committed suicide in his hotel room in Miami the night before he was going to go before congress for a hearing about the Clinton Foundation theft of their Hurricane Relief money. Billions and billions of it.

The narrative that Bill and Hill are pushing over the haiti “shithole” comment on Twitter is a goldmine of feigned ignorance and irony. Haiti is an undeveloped nation with literacy rates around 60% and virtually no public infrastructure like waste disposal and transit. The reason they got this way was in large part because of the Clintonian exploits there during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State after the Haitian natural disasters. Private companies like massive garment factory owners donated large sums to the Clinton foundation and in return had millions of US aid funds/labor pumped into the hasty rebuilding of their facilities. Nearly 90% of US aid in Haiti at the time went to non Haitian organizations (Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti.) The effort that was spared for actual housing development was a horrific failure that sprung up less than 1500 homes.

It would be incredibly hard in any other circumstances to not see more progress in Haiti with 9.04 BILLION dollars in foreign aid.

It’s rich to see someone that made almost nothing out of a national fortune take shots at Trump for harsh foreign policy. And it’s hard to actually feel anything but disgust for cuck Corey Booker and his crocodile tears over some accurate assertions of countries that are actually holes of shit.

-Dave Martel/ Thomas McAngry