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For all you guys scrolling the web looking for a way out of the friend zone, here is your holy grail.

Getting out of the friend zone is easy as hell. You know what you do? You do what you should have done already. You get some nuts about yourself and walk away.

Do not take the term “friend-zone” itself out of context. Friendship and friend-zone are two completely different things and you can rest assured, she is not your friend. And any so-called friends who try to tell you otherwise are not your real friends either. A real friend wouldn’t sit here and bullshit you into thinking you have a chance in hell with a self-absorbed thot who wants to throw you in the back of the fridge and forget about you like her leftover french fries from the diner, while she’s getting plowed by guys who aren’t any better than you.

So the friend zone isn’t any form of actual friendship, so what is it? Simply put, it’s a form of rejection. It’s a rejection where she can still benefit from you, though. Oh she wants something from you alright, just not your dick. In fact, she probably wants everything from you but your dick. That’s right, she wants all the benefits of being in a relationship with you, while she’s fucking somebody else. And she knows you’re caught up enough to put up with it. The benefits of your infatuation with her are grossly skewed and one sided. You wouldn’t work 8 hours a day for somebody and not get paid, would you? Yet you’ve allowed yourself to fall head over heels for someone you don’t benefit from? That is insanity. By choosing to stay in this fucked up situation, not only are you training yourself to be a cuckold, you are damaging your mental health as well as depleting whatever self esteem you have.

If you really think she wants to be a friend to you, actually try being her damn friend. Stop giving her that preferential treatment and start talking to another girl. See how long she puts up with that.

Now before you go and “kill a bitch”, don’t put all the blame on her. A woman is not obligated to give you a chance simply because you think you’re being nice. And do you really think she owes you some ass because you bought her a fucking cheeseburger? That being said, when she told you “she would rather just be friends”, YOU are the motherfucker that chose to stick around. Now what she does from there is indeed a reflection upon her morality, but don’t forget who willingly allowed themselves to be put in this situation.

So get some nuts about yourself. Realize what you feel for her is nowhere near as real as you think. Allow yourself to be tortured no longer. Oh and fun fact: While you’re wasting your time, emotions, and mental health on a woman who’s turning you into a cuckold, there is a high probability you are missing out on other girls out there… Girls who might actually want your dick.

If you have any sense of self respect and manhood left, you made the choice to take my advice not even half-way through this article. So here is a helpful tip for avoiding the friend zone: Next girl you start hanging out with, make it known to her fairly early on you are not looking for a friend. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt you to hit the gym a few times a week.

She is nothing special.

-Paul Galsante