How the New Right can Win the Future

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Ready for the biggest of all white pills? I have it and we can make it a reality if we’re willing to take the next step in enthroning ourselves into the driver’s seat for the foreseeable future. However, we’re going to need to ramp up our collective efforts as right wingers and accept an overall code of conduct across the board. And it’s going to be much easier than what we’ve been told. We’ve terrified the establishment, memed a man into the most powerful seat in the world and have become the Left’s infernal boogeyman from the safety of our computer chairs. Yet we eat blackpills like skittles while we sit around and marinate in our own self defeating misery.

In the murky distance we envision titan sized arched doorways inscribed with runic gold inlays that will one day crack open and reveal the sunkissed Hyperborean motherlands we see in our dreams. A harmonious realm where endless fields of golden wheat sway to the melody of gentle northern winds. The Slumbering Wotan will awaken in the collective soul of our folk and lead us on a prolific exodus from this sickened, degenerate world to an eternal paradise. Don’t lie, we’ve all had thoughts like this. And for some reason we let snarky naysayers shame us into crashing back down into this toilet clown world the normies call reality. I’m here to tell you that these fantasies really aren’t that far fetched. However you have to calm your angst and realize that this is a long game. We can win. These mythic doors do in fact exist and we’re all sitting around telling each other that the Hyperborean gateway is unreachable while around our necks hang the keys to unlock them.

The exodus begins now. And what I’m about to say is going to be seen as controversial among some within our movement. I don’t care. I know that I’m right and I know the formula I’m about to lay out will absolutely guarantee a gradual powershift and march toward eternal victory. First we must identify what strategies are failures and what directions lead to defeat. Then we must learn how to shape our optics in the minds of the normies and usurp the three main pillars of power that our enemies have used to build their thrones.

Firstly, please for the love of God, stop with these rallies. We had influence as nameless trolls swaying public opinion with memes and song parodies. For some reason many of you have decided it’s a good idea to don the militant uniforms of previously failed movements and stepped out of the domain that we control and into public space where the media elites were licking their chops at the new opportunity to paint you however they wanted. They’ve smeared you beyond repair and have driven a wedge between all of your groups. You’re now cannibalizing each other over accusations dug up or entirely fabricated by the likes of SPLC  thoughtpolice and MSM propagandists.

I’m not implying that the leaders of these groups who I’m not going to name are in anyway carrying out a nefarious or shill agenda. I’m simply pointing out that this direction is not going to win. I know many of you in these groups and have loads of respect for you and your families, it’s not even remotely personal. But, brothers, these rallies and militant optics are going to result in eventual state crackdown of all of us. Trust me, that’s where it’s headed. So, here’s my alternative for those who want to still assemble in meatspace. Do it on your terms. In a private venue where you can show smiling faces, happy children and nothing threatening. An Alt-Right fundraiser or Traditionalist beef and beer raffle dinner. Have music, games, good food and merriment. It’s safe, nobody will get arrested and YOU can control the optics of the event. So when Marxist slimeballs accuse you of being Nazimonsters, normies will say “Who? those guys laughing and eating roast beef sandwiches? That looked fun and wholesome.” If someone wanted to talk about more radical shit, I would think it would probably be better to do it in secret.

Speaking of optics we need a more conducive code of conduct on the internet. Follow the Edward Bernays school of propaganda. That scumbag literally changed the world with commercials and advertising. The 80% of schmucks out there are who we need to persuade. They’re the ones we need to draw in so we can influence their children. The only times that wormfood normie mouthbreathers accept ideas is when it appeals to their reptilian, visceral instincts. This means that the emotion that you invoke when you give them information is, overtime, the lens in which they’ll view these ideas and ideas like them. For example, you can literally tell them the edgiest, most redpilled things you can conjure and they’ll absorb it if you simultaneously make them laugh or pull some heartstrings. This is why the meme war was so successful. It was funny and appealed to them on the most basic level of human behavior. It made them feel good, so those ideas were eventually associated with being trolly jokesters.

So, TLDR: Make sure every single bit of content you release into internet space should meet these two criteria. Is what I’m about to say or promote funny? Is what I’m about to say or promote positive or inspiring? Your content should either be a funny redpill or a feelsgoodman whitepill. If it’s not, don’t say it. Because we need to keep the persona of being harmless while the Marxists kvetch all around us giving the perception of Leftists continuing to overreact to mundane and silly things. “You guys are rioting over memes? This guy’s joke is Literally Hitler?” That gives us the high ground in conduct and also incrementally associates edgy, redpilled ideas with positive feelings. Remember, normies have the intellectual awareness of Labradors. But we need them to let us train their puppies to pull our sleds through the frozen utopian tundra of the Meta-Right.

Next is the most crucial when it comes to action and organization. However, we already have the pieces in place. There are 3 areas that our enemies have subverted in order to carry out the biggest takeover in the history of mankind. A takeover that didn’t require one finger to be lifted. Let’s face it, this isn’t the old days where you could just kick in the doors of your enemies and physically remove them like our ancestors have done. Even though that’s the honorable, manly way of doing it, we’ll be crushed in seconds if we even attempt it. The times are different now and the tactics must also change. So, how do we win? We flip the script. The three institutions that have been subverted in order for our enemies to gain power are Financial, Education and Entertainment.

Financial. This is the Federal Reserve, the banking cartels, monetary policy. It’s the lifeblood of a nation’s prosperity. And they control it. They manipulate it to keep us in an eternal hamster wheel and keep the cap on our wealth and ultimately, our power. This is changing right now with the growth of cryptocurrency. Many of us are becoming very successful with Bitcoin. Crypto is literally changing the guard of who has the wealth in this world. However, I’m seeing many former right wingers take their money and run. Buying motorcycles, new Playstations and other material shit. This tells me that you were never serious about changing our reality and never actually gave a shit about the future of our children.

I’m not all saying walk around giving handouts. But, you have an obligation to at least help your fellow folk in lifting themselves up. Become a Bitcoin broker, make money off of helping others make money off of their money. You gain wealth, they gain wealth and we collectively gain more power. Become the right wing George Soros. Put aside a small percentage of your profits to donate and fund your favorite content and media folks. Because you’re the only source of revenue they have.  Guys like me could very easily make a pile of shekels making fake basic bitch content for cuckservatives. But we choose to be blacklisted by advertising firms and affiliate marketers because entertaining and informing you is more important to us than wealth. So we pay for it out of our pockets. Which is fine. We knew what we signed up for. But if you really want to see us knock off the media establishment, we need help with growth. Same goes for the next pillar of power.

Entertainment. The Marxists have a monopoly on music, movies and other media. Which they use to condition the populace. We need our own entertainment industry. We need movies, TV shows, documentaries and music. This is already true with indie documentaries like Liberty Machine News produces. However, we need more leisure media. There needs to be right wing artists in all genres of music. Not just Kekwave youtube parodies and obscure Nationalist Black Metal. Dance music, Rock and Roll and even Rap. I know that sounds ridiculous but no stone should be unturned in the quest for full on subversion of media and entertainment. Use your bitcoin money to incentivize the creation of wholesome, redpilled entertainment. The next entertainment monopoly is on the providers of cable. This is already happening with the emergence of Kodi TV addons and other pirate streaming. Kodi is the future of media consumption. Technology is the key which brings us to the biggest pillar of power.

Education. The public school brainwashing institution MUST be dissolved. This is their most effective system of conditioning. The solution is very simple but requires some effort. Normies will always, always take the path of what saves them or makes them the most money while giving the most potent results. A market of online tutoring services where we filter the curriculum of anything cancerous and Marxist. the horde of graduates with education degrees will cut the teacher’s unions throats at the opportunity to become gorrilionaires in an advanced tech market where they don’t have to even leave their homes. Parents biggest concern will be the loss of socialization. That’s where we can create something to the effect of Tradscouts. The Boyscouts of America have thoroughly shit in the mouths of any reputation they once had by letting in homosexuals and girls. We give them an alternative. Children can also join community Rec sports leagues where they can reveal their power levels to their mongrelized peers. Hammer out some legal kinks with credits and all of this could be as simple as creating and marketing a website. If we can meme a president, we can build a dank website to educate our youth into being mythic Nationalist shitlords to carry us through the Hyperborean gates.

In conclusion, the path to victory is right before us. We just have to take the first steps. And trust me, it’ll be much easier than overthrowing a government or a civil war. We’re smarter, cooler and more creative than anyone who opposes us. We can do this with our eyes closed. We just have to believe and let Wotan lead us.

-Dave Martel