No, America does not belong to you!

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Today we are told that the future will be bright, shining and glorious but without us. That we as White Americans just have to hand the torch of civilization over to the quote “New Americans”, the quote “More Virtuous Americans”.  What passes as a virtuous American nowadays is either one of our own people caught in the SJW gender blender and or a rabid third worlder with an IQ below 60.  However, it wasn’t always that way.

BATTLE OF LONG ISLAND: August 27th 1776

One of the first major battles of the American Revolution against despotic Monarchy.  When we look at the UK today and Australia to a lesser extent we see something much worse than our current state of high treason by our own dignitaries, but complete Stockholm Syndrome of the full citizenry plus disarmament. The every day Brit and Aussie, for the most part, think “How do I avoid a situation, I do not want to cause trouble!” While the American regardless of our current issues thinks “Oh you want to step on my property? you’re getting a head full of lead!” You can thank the men that died during this battle for that, and in a sense being an American still means something, we still have ALOT of work to do to fix our nation but at least we are not UK Cucked with a capital C!  Remember though, the forces of Globalism are at work to “Deal with us” we better give them a warm American welcome.

This battle like Bunker Hill was a loss, many of our men died but they took alot of regulars with them. These men, the men that froze at Valley Forge, the men that died at Camden, the men that died at Trenton and the men that fired the first shots at Lexington are all men we should emulate and respect, we are here because they fought.

Naturalization act of 1790

There you go, America was never meant to be “MUH MELTING POT”! Our laws on the books even say today that “Any alien that wishes to become a full citizen must surrender any former allegiance to any foreign nation state.” However just look at modern immigrants and you see everything from “Fuck you whitey”,  to low key flying their former flag above the Stars and Stripes. While at the same time they’ll claim to be a “Good patriotic American”.  Nope, they want all the rights our nation grants them with zero responsibilities and all the more encroaching perks of being a third world savage that will not all of a sudden be doing brain surgery or quoting Chaucer. America was supposed to be a white nation, but thanks to some backdoor dealings we are on our way to becoming a third world banana republic.

The American Civil War 1861-1865

This is still a very touchy subject to this day, why you ask? Becuase instead of it being us together repelling our old enemies from our shores, it was the great American family killing itself. Many guys from 3%ers to League of the South certainly have their own opinions on it but I will be fair.

The war of secession or to keep the Union whole was fought by brothers of the nation, old men fought alongside young boys, you had the great charge of Manassas, the burning of Atlanta, Gettysburg and of course the infamous surrender at Appomattox Courthouse by the Army of Northern Virginia. And we are told today that it was all about “SLAVERY!” Not correct my friend, most of the Confederacy was too poor to own slaves, that’s the truth, not the ridiculous caricature Hollywood would like you to believe. The Union? They were fighting to make sure the Confederacy did not become a proxy for France or Great Britain. Both sides in their own light were justified, the south wanted to get out of a Union that treated them unfairly and the north wanted to stamp that down as quickly as possible, because at the time that would be a dream come true for our old enemy the British empire. Put all that tension together and you have a recipe for hell on earth, Abraham Lincoln himself said he wanted to deport most if not all of the slaves back to Africa. It does not matter if you prefer a side or hate another because BOTH would be on our side if they saw the levels of absolute degeneracy today.

Moment of remembrance for the men in blue and grey.

Our devilish deal with Imperialism 1898-present.

From 1898 onward is when I’d say America started going downhill, our nation started acting as the world police and added inferior hell-holes into the mix of our territory, the only good addition was Alaska.  We got involved in World War One the footnote of a letter from the Brit’s that may or may not have been true. While our nation was growing the Globalist’s were infiltrating the governments of Europe, they bought out England completely after the Napoleonic wars, they brought about the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia circa 1917. They previously got all of Europe to kill itself and set the stage again for round two that ended in the post-1945 new world that we live in today. They control the United States government completely and use us as a lifeless Gollum to be their arm.  Which is why we are in the position today of being replaced as a people, we are being sold out. The system is pushing for war and conflict with Iran and the DPRK, why? *Insert post 45 propaganda flowing with useful idiot emotion*.  They lost in Syria, they are done using ISIS as their big bad boogieman that never existed in the first place. America now is not fighting “The good fight”, America is fighting for criminal expansion!

Think that’s shocking? Ever hear of a group called (Al-Nursa)? Yeah, they strap bombs onto kids and blow them up, again ask your boomer and neo-con friends how in gods name publicly funding groups like that is “fighting the war against terror?” Worse than this is the very fact that the majority of the American population would not care or would not listen.

Cville onward!

On August 12th of last year there was supposed to be the “Unite the Right” rally, unfortunately for us and fortunately for our enemies, it was shut down before it could even start. The city council was and is filled with leftist shills and degenerates that have zero standards. Men of high caliber went to the Robert E Lee statue in Lee Park to defend American history, while the neo-cons counted their tax-cuts and Dems rallied behind the militant Communist’s and Black gang members alike. The town and the feds did not want this display to happen, it was a true show of American willpower and it was to be “not televised”. Until of course, they painted the picture correctly, bought off cops along with city council then moved forward to purposefully create a sense of anarchy and chaos so they could bring the “Unlawful assembly” order. So did ANTIFA, or the columns upon columns of violent leftist trash have to get a permit? Nope, they can just show up to any event whenever they want and shut you down with the police’s help too because as they say “Fuck America”!  It was very apparent this was all a set up when (Red was hacked and their site was down for a good week, they were in charge of live streaming the rally. Antifa somehow conveniently hacked into  Henrik Palmgren and Lana’s Iphone’s to shut down their website so they would not be able to broadcast anything.

By the time Trump got up to do an address is when things got real. Let’s remember that these leftists threw water balloons filled with feces and urine, they used makeshift flamethrowers, they sent violent mobs at us circa 1990s LA riot style. So Trump gets up to say “Both sides are to blame” and the media just about lose’s their cool and goes into batshit overdrive over the fact that Trump did not kiss their asses.

Yeah, I know this is all so blackpilling but guess what? The men at long island were blackpilled too, the men both in the South and the North were blackpilled for the whole duration of the Civil War. It’s our job to be smart and find a way to freedom like they did.

I know it’s depressing when a mixed-race mestizo screams “FUCK YOU GRINGO!” and is empowered by a white liberal to say it. It sucks knowing our (((CURRENT))) government would rather flood us with third world migrants with zero skills then raise the next generation of Americans. Here’s the deal we are all we’ve got, we need to start acting like brothers, I’ll ask you, what was the first thing two regiments did during one of the first civil war reenactments? (Mind you they were all vets that survived) They put down their rifles and came together with tears in their eyes into a loving embrace. We need to matter to ourselves, we need to care for ourselves, the rest of the world does not care what happens to us, if we do not care for ourselves and don’t start being more collectivized we’ll be sheep to the slaughter.

We need one last gung-ho moment, we need to look that third wave feminist cunt in the eyes and say “NO, America does not belong to you!” We need to look these rabid animalistic commies in the eyes and say “NO, AMERICA DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU!” We need to agitate these people to no end, to the point in which it will wake up your everyday person to the danger in which they present.

This is our America, we built it, we made it what it is today and we are not about to give it up to a world that would rape our kids on stage and call it “ART”.  We are Americans and unless we want to end up like the UK we better get our ass in gear.  The president is asleep at the wheel!

-White Eagle