Modern Mind Control.

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Today it seems everyone is literally plugged into the matrix!

Everyone from your mailman to your high school gym coach is under the spell of demoralization, upfront demonization of our own existence in the world and outright Stockholm syndrome if you point it out.  This is pure subversion and no-one wants to speak of it!  For example, when you talk to your everyday NFL fan about monuments to our founders being brought down, do you really think they’ll say “Let’s stop that!” No, he’ll say “Whatever, just a bunch of old white slave owners!” The United States, our home, is being torn down from under us and our people say nothing, zero protests, zero riots, only more time to be plugged into the latest gaming system or chugging more beer till you pass out. Yet you call yourself a man? Haha, don’t make me laugh, you’re a human version of an infantile puppy, a grown male that still has the mind of a 14-year-old.   However, if you thought grown adults not caring was bad, wait till you get a load of this!

A school district in Wisconsin has released, get this, “The Privilege test”.  Not kidding ladies and gentlemen, they want YOUR KIDS to HATE THEMSELVES! Only further adding to this cultural Marxist wasteland that is modern America!  You read it for yourself:

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There you go, first question, “I am White?”, insinuating if you’re white you’re somehow bad, poor kids.  Great just great, mind you this crap is being taught to 8th graders.  Yeah teach little Jimmy and Lisa to bow down to others, I guess getting kids to stand up for themselves is a thing of the past, let the bullies and the teacher go after you too, no problem!  This whole list is just meant to fuck our children up from day one, gone are the days in which you could grow up innocent and carefree.  But of course, they’re white so it’s fine.  Within mass media stimuli, there is a constant deadening to the senses. It does not matter how many documents you show anyone or how many eye witness’s you could pull aside, at the end of the day the modern American is a rat in a cage and they will deny everything.

Example one: Execution of Lavoy Finicum, he was shot dead with his hands up in the air on January 2, 2016.

The Blue lives matter crowd will say: “He deserved it cause he didn’t play 5-D twister tag!”

And don’t get me wrong I love law and order as much as the next guy but the (((CURRENT))) system is not on our side at all, they only exist to keep everyone in check.

Example two: The Unite the Right Rally. August 12th, 2017

No, the blame was NOT on both sides!  Ok this is where I REALLY get pissed.  At no point did anyone on the right start the fighting, at no point, did any of /our guys/ from League of the South to American Vanguard start anything! Leftist’s bussed in from all around the country came there specifically for the reason to shut down the event, by any means necessary.

They threw water balloons filled with feces and urine at us, they used makeshift flamethrowers at us, they threw cement hard rocks at us, which is why we had helmets and shields!  If you think we look scary because we wanted to defend ourselves from these rabid unhinged leftists then you clearly have been living under a rock for the past 15 years or you have never done anything outside what is allowed of you to think, say or believe.

Why were “NAZIS” there? Yeah, nevermind the blatant power fist commies flying the Hammer & Sickle or the black afro-Marxists that might as well have just been gang members off the streets or the police that created the situation that led to a sense of utter chaos, yeah just ask “Why were Nazi’s there?” like a good little media drone.

Everything from Fox News to CNN said the same thing, “Evil white racist nazis, blah blah blah!” and the sheep ate it up. NO YOU IDIOT! We were there to protect American history, you know the same American history that tea partiers, the NRA, and 3%ers say they care about SO MUCH!? Yeah, they were with ANTIFA by the way. Where were the tea partiers? Talking about tax cuts, while unhinged, rabid, foaming at the mouth Marxist’s gleefully were tearing our history down.  It was us the outsiders, doing the job the so-called “PATRIOT” insiders could not and would not do.

I’d say more but I’ll leave you with the educational words of Yuri Bezmenov, he will teach you what is really in store for us and why it is happening.

-White Eagle