Opioid Crisis Claims Thousands. AG Sessions Cracks Down on Weed.

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Yeah sure AG Sessions, great fucking thinking!!! Bringing the hammer down on “muh gateway drug” is totally going to put an end to the opioid crisis. That’s the classic cuckservative “War on Drugs” for you. No real solutions for drug addictions… Just big pharma, prison industrial complex quotas, and even more excuse to violate your constitutional rights and militarize the police force.

All I can say is this: If Sessions goes as hard on that “devil’s lettuce” as he’s hinting, be ready for that blown out break light to be the only warrant the cops need to call the K-9’s out and ransack your car, because quotas on weed busts are about to go way up. Let me just say, I hope you’ve got nothing valuable in your trunk that can’t take a drop to the pavement. Of course don’t consent to the search, never consent. (It is your 4th amendment right to not consent) But by God if the officer wants to search your car that bad, he is going to. Do not physically resist or try to fight, because whether it be half a gram of weed or 30 minutes of your time, it’s not worth becoming the next victim of police brutality. Do not consent, but do not physically resist in any way.

What you have to understand about the war on drugs is this: Like big pharma and the prison system, the illegal drug market is a multi-billion dollar industry that both the establishment and crime syndicates profit from. It’s almost as if they’re working together?.. You didn’t hear that, by the way.

You can rest assured that the establishment doesn’t give a dead moose’s last shit about the opioid crisis. In fact, if anything, they WANT you addicted to hard drugs. Because that means funding for police departments, revenue for the courts, political endorsements from drug king pins, and more slave labor for the prison industrial complex. If they were halfway serious about tackling the opioid crisis, they would do two things:

  1. End Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs. It keeps criminals in business and involved in politics. And when you have the establishment, big pharma, and the courts keeping a multi-billion dollar industry up, what could be better than more addicts? More Addicts = More Money! Profits. Profits! PROFITS!
  2. End the occupation of Afghanistan. Unlike most countries we occupy in the Middle East for oil, we are currently occupying Afghanistan for a cash crop. Yes, you guessed it, the poppy fields. Our troops are literally risking their young lives so that big pharma can harvest the poppy fields. Screw a source, look at History: The poppy fields have been what draws major world powers to that region ever since the days of Alexander the Great. Don’t you find it interesting that in the time span the British Empire occupied Afghanistan, (also)British occupied China had an opioid crisis? And now ironically, about 150 years later, America is occupying Afghanistan. And in the time span we have been in Afghanistan(fighting terrorism), middle America has acquired an increase in Opioid addiction.

To think that the establishment, even with “God Emperor Trump” in the steering wheel, is actively seeking out your best interest, you are delusional.

We should be treating the opioid crisis like any other medical crisis. We should have rehabilitation programs for people strung out on morphine and heroin addictions. This could have been that opportunity for the establishment to get it right for once. But nah, the resources that could go into programs that could actually make a positive impact are being wasted on more tactical gear, M16’s, and MRAP’s for the DEA and law enforcement agencies to continue Reagan’s infamous War on Drugs. Well done Mr. Sessions. Well Done! In God We Trust!

-Paul Galsante