Why Americans are MAD!

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In this day and age Americans are pissed, why and how you ask?

Americans are pissed over the fact that whenever there just so happens to be a mass killing, the establishment puts a microscope over the law abiding citizen instead of the criminal.

Americans are pissed over the fact that they are told by the International community, what it means to be an American and if anyone just so dares as to go against the prevailing Globalist narrative, of supposed despotic regime change, open borders, migration for the deliberate goal of subjugation and replacement of an already established population and the now virtue of child abuse (Sexual transitioning),    that they are NOT a true American and are somehow rogue elements within society that must be beaten down by the blind mobs of the “Greater good”.

Americans are pissed over the fact that everything from music to movies only promotes filthy degenerate lessons, such as gang culture glorification, unfaithfulness to your spouse, random acts of unprovoked violence, that the Stars and Stripes means nothing if it is not held aloft by  a mixed race mulatto or some blue haired feminist dyke, that purposefully makes it her life mission to be Lev Bronstein’s female counterpart.

Americans are pissed over the fact that their vote for Trump meant absolutely NOTHING!  Yeah, I voted for Trump too, however, I will shortly explain as to why it did not work out.

  1.  Trump’s main point (Immigration) has gone completely down the tubes, he went from “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be talking about illegal immigration!!” To this, “Democrats are doing nothing for DACA- just interested in politics. DACA activists and Hispanics will go hard against Dems, will start falling in love with Republicans and their President! We are about RESULTS!”   Oh really? Don’t make me laugh, the same Hispanics that tried slashing trump supporters with broken glass back during the campaign, the same Hispanic community that whether you want to admit it or not, by and large acts completely collectivized against the better interests of the nation they supposedly love, just as much as any descendant of the founders?  Again don’t make me laugh, the majority of immigrants, especially from Central America and South America and Africa, have zero intention to join OUR American family. They bring the third world with them, they consider it normal to light teenage girls on fire in Guatemala over baseless accusations of stealing, in South Africa it is perfectly fine to have sex with infants because they think it will cure them of HIV. And in our own state of California, they fly Mexican flags above old glory, host international socialist meetings on “How to bash the fash” (That’s you by the way), and do their utmost to get back at  “evil whitey gringo.” They want their meal ticket and nothing else, they don’t give a damn about the United States only what they can get out of us, and by Trump tweeting this out, is sure proof he is cucked!

2. Trump’s second most prominent point was a stance of non-intervention into the world’s affairs. That’s also out the window when he sent 60 tomahawk missiles to Syria, over sensationalized corporate propaganda, made by the International community to effectively character assassinate Bashar al-Assad, a man who is rightfully purging foreign actors from his nation with full support from his own people, which in their own minds want to stop this violent coup d’etat, that just so happens to be springing up out of nowhere. I’ll say this as well, it is NOT the United States job to babysit the world, unfortunately, we are being used by the Globalists as their arm to push down any nation that does not lick their boot. Case in point, the current situation with Iran and the DPRK, while I’m not much of a fan of those nations, I’m also not going to beat around the bush, while not the best they still are a thorn in the sides of the NWO. Trump is not your next Teddy Roosevelt, he’s turbo Herbert Walker Bush. He’s turbo HWB because he’d be like JFK otherwise.

Americans are pissed over the fact, that their own families would rather disown them if they so dare as not to be a cuck, appearances and status are more important to the modern mind that is not yet unplugged from the matrix of lies.

Americans are pissed that their whole nation, their home and only home under the sun is being stolen away from them, by the vengeful God-complex of non-Europeans, aided by the International community, to render us as a helpless targeted minority in the nation that we formed.

They want us poor, dead, buried alive, our kids raped on stage without protest, our wifes and husbands tortured in front of us and they think it’s funny.

So how do we quench this deep pit of anger and resentment for a system that see’s us as irrelevant now and the “Dustbin of history” in the next 40 years?  Start using a punching bag, start slowly waking up your family and friends if possible, read many alternative books that are online, when some leftist tries tearing down an American folk hero, you give them a piece of your mind and rally to protect the testament to your birthright.  When you see some Social justice warrior in your local school system you pull your kid out and get other parents to do so en masse, as well. When the NFL says “Fuck America” for the sake of being trendy, you stop watching, you stop buying overpriced tickets for nosebleed seats.  When blatant red guard Communist’s rally and march in your community, you make sure they know they are not welcome AT ALL!

As a pissed off American, you do not vote for weak GOP whig shills, you hoist up your banner, hoist up the Gadsden snake, you hoist up the Stars and Bars, hoist up the Rebel banner and you better hoist up the Stars and Stripes above all.  I get it too, modern America sucks, our flag should not be synonymous with an obese person stuffing their faces with a hamburger or commercialized Amazon buying.  Our flag has been tainted alright, but we can’t throw it away, we must clean it from modern filth and hoist it up to OUR standard.  When a home invader comes in you don’t just burn your house down, you fight him off, the same standard is expected for our nation.

-White Eagle