What Trump Still Doesn’t Understand…

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A good economy is great and all, but let’s not bullshit around about this. We did not vote for Donald J. Trump for a good economy. We voted him in to bring down this Frankenstein post-modernist America, not strengthen it. We voted him in to drain the swamp, not try to work with them. Fixing the economy doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Americans who voted for Trump are concerned about. Well, maybe about half of his boomer cuckservative fans are, but that’s it.

I wish Trump could give us a sign of some form to let us know he is still in the fight, but not likely. In fact, the situation for right leaning white Americans is only continuing to worsen under him. Since Trump has been elected, whites have been kidnapped and gunned down, while receiving no justice. We have to contend with gangs of rabid ANTIFA Trotskyites and BLM Maoists if we so much as have the nerve to publicly make any form of grievance on our end. Relations with Russia have only continued to decline, making those “good relations” with Russia Trump spoke of seem like even less of a possibility. We still don’t have a wall. And let me ask you this: How many of our historical statues were removed under Obama? Now how many have been removed in Trump’s first year? And what has Trump’s main focus been in the midst of all this? That’s right, you guessed it… MUH ECONOMY!!! I swear, I’m almost tempted to say we had it better under Obama.

Trump baffles me honestly. Where did that attack dog from the 2016 election go? Do we just have to take everything on the chin? I have no doubt that Trump may be a patient man with a trick or two up his sleeve. But what Trump fails to realize is the image he gives off. Currently, we have celebrities and public officials threatening his life and making terrorist style threats, yet they roam about freely facing no consequences for their actions. We have entire sections of the Senate and Congress waging a soft coup against him by de-legitimizing his presidency and hinting at impeachment. We have states and federal judges engaging in illegal activity as a way of voicing their opposition against him.

Jesus Donald! Stand up for yourself!!

Black-clad Antifa marchers arrive at Civic Center Park, Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017, in a counter-protest against a planned alt-right rally in Berkeley, California. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

And what’s more unfortunate about all these actions being taken to undermine him and all this “Viva le Resistance” is that while he endures all this, his supporters have to endure it with him. While he has round the clock security AND secret service, as well as all the other protections allowed for the President, we have to walk the streets among his opposition. We face being doxed by SJW activists online, being assaulted, and even being gunned down in broad daylight only for our families to see our killers walk free in the name of social justice.

Frankly, I wish Trump was HALF the fascist dictator the left seems to think he is, because our lives would certainly be better. Instead, I’m afraid the POTUS is asleep at the wheel. Somebody should check on him?