Diversity and our American Cities

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What is diversity and why do so many people think it is a positive thing? Why are people being given admission to our nation based solely on diversity? Do we have no say, as the taxpaying citizens, who is allowed in? Why are our jobs being filled based on this idea of diversity and not talent? What are the so-called positive effects of diversity and why do most people not see them? That last bit was sarcasm. However, these are some of the questions I have been having since finding out that a Muslim jihadi was given a diversity visa to come to America to kill eight of our fellow Americans.

We’ve been told daily for years that multiculturalism and diversity are a net positive because it will open up the world up to each of us. This is lie number one. Third world low lives come to successful nations and take jobs by working for low wages, thus devaluing our wage rates. Add into this, the fact that these people, for the most part, are grossly uneducated and have quite the low IQ, and because of that they come here and commit crimes in higher numbers. Diversity is also only pushed onto nations that are Western in nature, and that have employment and high amounts of entitlements. You will never see the Congo or South America forcing diversity into their cities, no they want to stay just the way they are. We will never see any good come from diversity as it is code for the genocide of the culture and assimilation is not pushed on the new imports.

The media in America both left and right have not been telling you the truth. As I see it, there is no mainstream right-wing news outlet. Fox is at best a moderate center-right channel.  The media has presented, for the most part, the moderate Muslim. They never expose the truth for fear of losing their jobs or their sponsors, you hear it all the time, that “sponsor X” has threated to pull advertising so they retract the truth and apologize. Why is it, that America is so afraid of Islam? Why are they, all of a sudden, a protected group in our nation? Islam has no history in our nation, the only times it rears its ugly head is in violence and death. As a matter of fact, a whole division of our military was created to defeat the Islamic Barbary Pirates.

We have seen job applications include the new EEOE standards and private questions about race being asked. This is so companies can make sure to fill their politically correct quota of diverse candidates. No longer is talent and experience a factor in securing a job, now you just have to be black, Mexican, female, or gay, and you are in. Straight white Christian males are passed up for promotions and less qualified people are elevated to management opportunities so companies can take pictures with their multi-cultural and gender diverse staff.  This is not because the companies actually want to be this way, but they don’t want the bad press for being a “white” company. Even though this approach has led to more companies going out of business because their multi-cultural staff has run it into the ground.

Today, Islam has joined the ranks of the Blacks, Jews, and illegal aliens as protect groups, of which, no ill shall ever be spoken. Why is it that these groups get this special treatment while the Western European peoples, especially men, that founded this nation, are treated with utter contempt and hatred by all? I have come to the conclusion that this is because these groups wield special control over the Democrats and the moderate Republicans. It is heard every election, they never say how many of the white vote a particular candidate got, no, the metric is how many Black, Hispanic, or Muslim votes they got. Our politicians are judged on how well they do in the polls with these groups, not on the policies.

This is why politicians create special laws and protections for these groups. This current Islamic killer was brought to our country under a program, the Diversity Visa, which was created to garner votes. We are now importing death under the disguise of diversity. Politicians vote and speak positively on and about these laws and “protections” because ultimately, they care more about citizens of other countries than their own constituents or the American people in general. In the name of votes, we get dead Americans, and, if you dare to call this out you are a RACIST and a NAZI. It easy to attack the white people nowadays, because they are constantly vilified in today’s society, i.e. look at 85 to 90% of commercials shown today, portraying whites as; the bad guy, the uncoordinated, and generally unintelligent. The senator from Massachusetts, Elisabeth Warren even went as far as saying women should allow themselves to be raped by the Jihadi to prove we are tolerant and welcoming of diversity. Now, when some jihadi kills our fellow AMERICANS, we, are the ones to blame.

Well, we are losing our lives, our dignity, and our cities and towns to this false God of diversity. You can no longer go into a store or mall in most towns in America, and be in the majority, most of them will remind you of being in the Middle East. Hijabs are commonplace to the point where most kids today will just look at them as being normal. Baggy pants and street ghetto clothes are commonplace even on our white kids because they have been indoctrinated into black culture and turned away from their own. Mexican restaurants have taken over, as they are more popular than burger and pizzas joints, this is because we welcome in the flood of illegals, ya know, because we are so un-diverse.

Our cities have become like London and Berlin they are overrun by “diverse cultures” that refuse to assimilate to American culture and condemn us for not being excepting enough. We have completely lost major cities in places like NY, MI, and CA, we are not allowed to say these things even though these are cities we built. Cities we grew up in, held block parties, took our kids to the parks and malls we went to as kids with our parents, have been taken over by the diversity crowd and as they shove us out the door, they demand we pay for their privilege to live here.  When will Americans wake up, when will they demand that America be for Americans first? Diversity has pushed white companies out of business as they cannot compete with the undercut prices of third world refugees and illegal aliens, and most say nothing.

Our people are mowed down almost monthly now, by some imported savage, and people worry about what they’re own image is perceived as. Our schools have become third world nurseries with fourteen languages spoken and our kids are learning nothing, while we foot the bill, and America wants to be nice. We allow a spokes group for every single culture, but if we speak up for our people, we are evil racist and get letters signed by congress publicly calling us out.  We are really the only group that has lost its rights, we are the ones without a culture in our own country. People wake up before your wives and daughters are the next rape sacrifice to Allah before you are paying Jizya and watching as your 12-year-old daughter is married off to some third world savage. Hey you most likely won’t know about it anyway because you will have your head chopped off long before then

-Peter Sorrentino