The Hypocrisy of Government

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Today, we witnessed the left will not let the Russia issue die. Robert Muller ordered Paul Manafort to be arrested. So, this proves the collusion, right? Wrong! These charges actually stem from business deals over two years ago. None of the charges are directly related to the Russia lie, all this is pandering to the left by Muller. Why, when there was overwhelming evidence that the DNC, Obama, and the Clintons were involved in backdoor deals with Russia, were none of them charged? Why did these charges come just days after the exposure of the DNC?

These are the times that try men’s souls, well, this man’s. We are in a country on the rebound. A President in office that fights for America, shocker I know, and the economy of our great nation is healing. Yet the left and some on the right refuse to stop attacking the President and his supporters. Now if Paul Manafort did in fact break tax laws then he should go to jail, but then again, why, when we have three sitting members of Congress that have tax evasion charges. What about Al Sharpton, he evaded taxes for years. Shouldn’t we hold all people to the same level of the law? You would think so, but no, not in Government and not for the those on the extreme left.

The Clintons, sitting members of the DNC, John McCain, and Obama should be charged with the crimes, the evidence has proven them guilty of. Robert Muller is going after Paul Manafort, sounds strange to me. As of the writing of this article Robert Muller has still not come out and said anything about the overwhelming evidence against the members of the Obama administration. When we follow Mr. Mullers past, we find out, just how in bed, he really is, with the left.

Why do you think Hillary goes out in public day after day attacking the President? It is because she knows that she will never be charged with so much as a speeding ticket. Her family and those on the left and the Republican middle are part of the Political superclass and they know we cannot touch them. The rally cry of “lock her up” was nothing more than Political theater and they all knew it. The Republican pit bull, Trey Gowdy, for all his acting to the cameras, has not done one thing to bring closure to any issue he has investigated. Just like others, he is there for the pomp and circumstance, and that is all, not one single congressional oversight has ever brought about real charges and they all know it.

To all the sheep, these theatrics of  Caesarian politics are great for water cooler discussion and social media postings, but nothing more. The people of this country will never get the change they deserve until they stop the B.S. and demand the change. They work for us but most Americans are too fat and too lazy to work for real lasting change. You chanted lock her up but were never really willing to fight for it. You were not willing to give up your TV time to hold Government to their word and make sure Hillary paid for her crimes.

Another person on the right will be served up the GODS of liberal politics while you watch Monday night football. Soon it will be too late and the Government and country we once knew and loved will be ripped apart and you have no one to blame but yourselves. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy our founders gave up everything to give us a Republic and you gave it away for sweets.

-Peter Sorrentino