The Syria Lie

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Starting in March of 2011 the U.S. and other Globalist leaders decided that their new punching bag would be the country of Syria. This is a country not without its share of turmoil, tragedy, and violence. Starting as far back as the early 1900’s, Syria was used by the British and French troops to help overthrow the Ottoman Empire. Syria, as well as other nations, were promised, that in return for their help, they would get to rule over their ancestral homelands in what was called the Sykes-Picot Agreement.
This agreement was officially between Russia, the UK, and France. It basically stated who would get control over what areas after WW1. France, in this agreement, was to be given Syria, Turkey, Northern Iraq, and Lebanon. British control would be over coastal areas such as Jordan, Southern Iraq, Acre, and Haifa. These controlling powers would be given the power to determine borders and state boundaries. This deal sold to the Arabs, by the British, was payment for helping overthrow the Ottoman Empire.
This deal affected Syria in a way, that even today we see the repercussions. In 1973 President Assad signed a law stating that the President no longer need be Muslim and here we see how Syria itself is one of the few Middle Eastern nations that took care of its Christian citizens. This, of course, did not go unnoticed by the radical Islamists and they started waging war on the Syrian Government. As a result, the President imprisoned many jihadis and this is where our story takes a dangerous turn.
Syria at this time was also fighting against another issue, the Golan Heights territory that had seized by Israel. Syria was waging a war to take back control of this land stolen by Israel. After many battles, it was Syria that came to the table to begin a peace process with the Israelis. Syria asked, that Israel withdraw from occupied Arab lands and this, did not include, the state of Israel. Another example of Syria being a unified nation that took care of its Christian citizens was during the Lebanese civil war. Syria interceded and helped it’s Maronite Christian allies maintain some power in Lebanon.
What does this brief history lesson have to do with today you might ask? Well, these and many other actions by the Syrian Government set the stage for the Globalists to being to hate Syria. Syria became an example of how the Muslim moderates and Christians could live alongside each other without barbaric rules and terror. This, of course, is not what the UN and other Globalists want.
Let’s fast forward to 2011 shall we, here in America we have a President who has decided to take the side of Islamic fundamentalists over moderate Muslims and Christians of the Middle East. Obama, of course, is not alone, his opponent in the election, John McCain is seen taking the side, of the so-called, rebels in Syria. These so-called rebels are of course none other than ISIS themselves these rebels have taken over cities and towns in Syria and have destroyed Churches that are hundreds of years old, they have raped scores of women and young girls, killed, tortured, and beheaded thousands. Yet this was not enough for Obama and McCain’s rebel buddies, oh no, those they allowed to live, now live under barbaric Islamic rule, rules such as the Jizya, a tax on non-Muslims. Women are no longer allowed out without wearing Hijab even if they are not Muslim, men have to attend mosque or face death.
All of this and the destruction of a historic country has led to a refugee crisis, just not the one you are being told about. See, while the Islamic terrorists enjoy a life of the conjuring rulers, the Christians have been demoralized, killed, raped and thrown out into the streets. All their belongings stolen by the barbaric hordes of Islam, we are not told about them, you do not hear about their plight because it does not fit the narrative. Instead, Western Europe and America are being overrun by the same people that started the conflict in the first place. This is because the UN and the Globalist powers want Islam to become a conquering power so they can kick-start WW3.
We are not told about how in Syria a Christian could become a Muslim and a Muslim a Christian without issue. No instead the story is about the evil Assad who has done what exactly? Have you heard of one crime he has committed one wrong he has done? Seems to me everything I read the people of Syria enjoyed peace before the outside world and the power of the UN globalists got involved. Does this sound familiar? It should. See, not too long ago, another American President controlled by Globalist powers destabilized the Middle East as well. It was 2002 and President Bush on a campaign of Globalist terror invades Iraq kills their leader and then turns power over to Obama who withdraws all forces from the area leaving a vacuum for, his favorite people, the jihadis to take over.
Seems to me if we follow the trail of destruction, Obama is at the heart of the mess the middle east has become. Yet he gets no blame, to the contrary, he gets a Peace medal for systematically setting up the extermination the Christian people. This would come to no surprise to most of us though, as he did the same thing here in America. He and his administration with the compliance of the Republican party imported thousands of Islamic terrorists and called them refugees. We have seen what they are, look to the case of a 5-year-old Idaho girl by three refugees from the middle east and to the 14-year-old girl raped by two refugees in Maryland.
Of course, these and many countless other crimes committed by these terrorist refugees are hushed up and kept out of the news. In the middle east, the same and much worse is happening to Christians every day, the international community continues to deny them refugee status. As of today, the only people the UN has declared refugees are those of Islamic decent and they continue to lie to us about what is going on.
The worst part of this to me is just how much America has come under the control of the UN and the global elites. We have seen how our political parties are used and manipulated to do the bidding of global powers. We have seen more toppling of foreign governments by the US in the last twenty years than ever before and we have gained nothing for it. What is the end game in Syria? Why are we attacking their Government? What did Syria ever do to America? Why are we helping the same people that kill our servicemen? The answer is nothing there is no valid reason for our involvement other then we are once again doing the bidding and dirty work for the UN. Is France fighting in its former territory? No, they are not how about Italy, England, Spain, nope, nope, and nope. We are the only country that is front and center in this civil war.
The people of Syria are asking that we leave them alone, that they, and they alone, can protect their nation and fix the damage. The UN does not want ISIS defeated. Perhaps the UN is afraid that if ISIS is defeated that the lies they told, and its member nations promised a hundred years ago, will come back to haunt them? Maybe the UN is in league with ISIS, and others, like Israel, to keep the world in a constant state of war. While innocent people are killed and worse in the name of globalist power. This week VP Pence has come out and said that our money will no longer go to UN aid groups, instead, we will send the money directly to the Christians affected by this war. Maybe President Trump sees now that the whole thing was a set-up and is trying to right the wrongs. We can only hope that soon the Christian people of Syria can go back to a normal life. Yet it begs the question will they ever be the same after the horrors the UN and the Global elite have helped perform on them?
-Peter Sorrentino