“The State Sponsors Lynching of Black Women!” Screams Fat Afro-Marxist Lesbian

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In typical Communist fashion, the frothing mobs of Collectivist reprobates assembled on the 30th of September for what they’ve dubbed “March for Racial Justice”. Hog bellied Jezebels and radicalized limpwrists once again took to the streets screeching and slobbering about fighting the white supremacy boogeyman. A spectral tyrant that cowers at the sight of poster board signs forged in the revolutionary headquarters of community college rec rooms and center city studio apartments. A system of unrelenting oppression that it’s gallant opposition snapchat about from their air conditioned living rooms. What victims they are.

How could we have turned a blind eye to such an atrocity? Why haven’t you used your white privilege to topple the crushing Capitalist system that makes their designer purses and playstations affordable? This remarkable young freedom fighter is laying their life on line, where are you? Privileged Capitalist pig.

You make me sick. It must be nice working your 9-5 and sacrificing luxuries so you can responsibly save money for your family’s future. I hope you’re proud of yourself. While you’re having the time of your life sipping cold champagne these downtrodden trust fund babies are risking it all protesting a made up enemy. And why do they need to keep breathing life into a fictional antagonist? Because without it they wouldn’t be able to rot our country from the inside and eventually give way to a totalitarian nightmare future. let’s keep making jokes though. It’s all good. It’s our children, or even our grandchildren that will put in labor camps and shot in the face for thought crimes. We won’t even be around for that.

These retards may seem ridiculous right now. But, if history is any indicator of the future, which it’s pretty much the only indicator, it won’t be long until we live under the crushing boot of a postmodernist tyranny. 20 years from now when you’re being yanked from your house by government thugs because you tweeted something nasty about your governor you’ll wish we took this all a little bit more seriously.

-Dave Martel