Black Supremacist Open Fires on White Church in TN. Time to Tear Down MLK Statue.

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African Immigrant and Black Supremacist Emanuel Kidega Samson open fired on a White Church in Tennessee Killing one and injuring many. Why is this article a week late? Because I didn’t even hear about it until now. The MSM has completely ignored this story and even buried it. In fact, here’s what comes up first when you do a quick google news search.

NOTHING. Why? Because it damages the “Social Justice” narrative. And what is “Social Justice”? A codeword for Anti-White Racism. Social Justice is and always has been a covert way to promote and spread hatred of whites. It operates on the premise that there is Social caste and the lower castes have been ripped off and oppressed. So, therefore, The supposed upper echelon must be extorted, demonized and waged war against for all foreseeable future. And what is the highest caste that Leftist slime point to as the tyrants? Whites. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor or middle class. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2nd generation Italian immigrant. If you’re pale, than you deserve to have your land, prosperity and wellbeing ripped from you and distributed to all the poor puppy dog castes even if they’re trust fund babies. Sounds nuts, right? It gets worse. It’s also the reasoning behind full demographic replacement.

Yeah, That’s right. They want to ethnically cleanse white folks. They can’t exactly throw us all into ovens, so the next best thing. Ensure that we are no longer the majority and keep washing us out via miscegenation and unending immigration until we’re driven to extinction. In 2050 Whites will become a minority in the United States. 2045 there will be no more native born Frenchman. Same for Germany in 2060. No more French or Germans. Gone forever and if this upsets you? Well you’re a racist devil purposely standing in the way of Progress and Social Justice. That makes you a White Supremacist. Why? Because “White Supremacy” is a codeword for “White Demographic Majority”. That’s why they want to end it so hard.

So, I say we start to dismantle this ideology of hatred and bigotry. Stop celebrating the architects of this racist Social Justice narrative. There is no place in 2017 for these kind of ideologies. Let’s start with the Hitler of the American Social Justice movement. Martin Lucifer King. There is no place for his hate in today’s society and no reason he should be celebrated let along have a monument to his name and disgusting backwards beliefs.


-Dave Martel