Talk Show Lesbian/Macaulay Culkin Lookalike Says Trump “Too Dangerous” for Her Show

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During her cringefest squawk show, Hollyweird douche bag Ellen DeGenerate told Marxist Witch Megyn Kelly that President Trump was not someone she admired and that he was “Too Dangerous” to have on due to her being a muncher.

After having her reptilian eyes locked on Kelly’s dead dear body and dippy egg tits, DeGenerate wiped the foam from her jowls and proclaimed “I just don’t want to give him a platform”. The two harpies then proceeded to ferociously gnaw on each other’s lady parts as the deranged crowd became blooddrunk and devolved into a frantic orgy of aimless masochism and prescription narcotics. Not exactly, but what never ceases to astonish is that these entertainers consider themselves even qualified to spew their pretentious beliefs from their ivory towers. Which is why I don’t watch any movies or TV anymore. It’s nothing short of cancerous. Also, How about Trump being too “Dangerous” but she’ll accept some nonsense Monopoly Money tier fake award for doing nothing from an establishment shill that got his start in the living room of Bill Ayers, an actual terrorist that was involved in actual political violence.

She sucks.

-Dave Martel