The anti-American Blitz & The Boycott of the NFL

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All Americans across the nation huddle in front of their televisions to enjoy a favored American past-time to relax before having to begin their work week. Most see football in almost religious terms and seek out the professional sport as a sort of oasis from the insanity that has morphed American politics. Sports fans everywhere tune-in to watch their favorite team battle it out and score a victory for their home cities. More importantly, Americans tune-in so they can tune-out.

However, that time has passed as everything has become politicized.

Everything has become politicized all the way down to wholesome milk. That’s right, milk is racist. Haircuts are racist and fascist. Not looking someone in the eyes means you’re racist. If you don’t want to date a male cross-dresser you’re a Nazi. This is the insanity of American politics propagated by America’s internal enemies.

This past Sunday the insanity exploded onto the field – well, not exactly.

As reported in the New York Post over 200 professional players in the NFL with salaries worth millions of dollars decided they weren’t interested in entertaining America anymore. Instead, they decided to force their politics in America’s living room. Those 200 plus players equaling roughly 23% of the league decided they weren’t going to honor our national symbolism found in the American flag and our National Anthem. They stopped being entertainers and became politicians.

The players claim they’re protesting racism or more specifically, so-called police brutality facing the African-American community. Context of these police actions aren’t factored into the reasoning behind this “stand against racism”. In all actuality the protest is borne out of anti-White racism made popular by the Black Lives Matter movement founded and controlled by George Soros, an admitted Nazi turned neo-Marxist hell bent on destroying the free-world.

What’s interesting about this facade of protesting racism comes screaming out at the free thinker once they take a quick look at the statistics on killings of blacks on American streets, and one thing is obvious, blacks are responsible for the majority of black deaths.

As you can see in this chart based on statistics compiled by the FBI in 2013 anyone with a drop of common sense would ask: why aren’t we protesting black on black killings? Why aren’t we making a greater effort to stop this?

You want the real answer? Because that would make you a racist!

If you want to put a stop to this madness turn off the television and stopping buying NFL merchandise. IF you attend the games: stage a walk-out and encourage others to do the same, or just stop buying tickets all together. Shouting and booing will change nothing. The only thing the owners of sports clubs and the league understand is dollars and cents. Use the voting power of the American Dollar and make your voice heard! Spend your money elsewhere.

Boycott the NFL and their sponsors if you want to restore sanity! Once the money stops rolling in the message will be clear: we aren’t going to accept your anti-American trash anymore!