North Korea Threatens to Shoot Down US Bombers and What the Media Isn’t Telling You

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If you seriously believe the narrative that the stooges in the Mainstream Media are feeding you, then I feel bad for you. But, don’t worry, I’m going to toss you an informative bone in this complicated and very volatile situation that’s unfolding before us. I’ll keep it short and entertaining, I promise.

Firstly, MSM will have you believe that North Korea is becoming more brazen all due to Trump’s tweets and verbal jabs. Do you actually think that a world leader is petty and kneejerk enough to cause a nuclear world war over a few roasts? Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland. Despite the deranged despot behavior, the Kim family has world class educations. There is absolutely no way that they’re as unhinged as the media would have you believe. If they were, they would have nuked Japan, Guam and Philippines the first chance they got. With uranium purchased from the Clintons I might add. However, this is nonsense, the US-NK conflict is because of one thing, Chinese Oil.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I know exactly what is going on, what the various Nation’s intentions and agendas are or that I know what exactly is going to happen in the coming months. But, I’m going to lend you a few looked overlooked details so that you may piece together your own theory as to what could be the situation and outcome.

  1. North Korea receives 90% of it’s Oil from China via a Pipeline that goes from South China Sea to Pyongan.What’s also interesting is this pipeline is part of a recently built pipeline network that branches into Myanmar, Laos and all the way up into Russia. Remember all those reports of large amounts of Chinese military all crossing the border into North Korea? I have a hunch that it wasn’t much of an invasion as it was a vast pipeline project. Might have something to do with the massive crude oil deposits found all throughout North Korea. This explains China’s shifty behavior when pressured to uphold UN sanctions on North Korea. They’ve found a cash cow in Kim Jong’s country and monopolized it. So when North Korea’s sole supplier of resources began to squeeze them, they began to lash out and blame Trump’s tweets to deflect from the crude oil racket they’re forging with the Chinese and Russians.

2.  There’s growing tensions in the South China Sea about who gets to claim the massive oil deposits.

So what does US have to do with any of this? I have three theories as to what is going on.

  1. America either wants to claim the South China Sea reserves for themselves or opt out of Middle Eastern oil trade in favor of Chinese oil and we’ve promised China ownership of the sea in exchange for helping to knock off NK. To which NK is having a fit.
  2. NK is a distraction from the economic alliance between the Eastern regional powers collaborating for a petroleum funded Superstate.
  3. America wants to knock off China all together by aiding South China Sea competitors Vietnam, Brunei and Taiwan in gaining a foothold in the South Asian petro market. Probably in exchange for cheap oil.

There’s no way to know for sure what is brewing in the highest echelon of the Geopolitical economic climate from my laptop in my house in rural Pennsylvania. But, I can tell you for sure that it has to do with oil, power and money. Not some goofy tweets or rocketman jokes.

-Dave Martel