Fuck The Disavow Olympics!

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You might have noticed, and then again you might have not, but right now as you read this the spineless cuckservatives are engaged in the Disavow Olympics.

That’s right. After Charlottesville, and ever since the road rage incident they want to call terrorism involving that crowd of vile Antifa scum, people everywhere on social media have been engaged in the Disavow Olympics.

You’ve been disavowing while Antifa has been going ape-shit in our cities!

Who gives a fuck about that bitch? She was harassing and blocking traffic like those shitbags always do. They were beating on those people’s vehicles and threatening them like they always do. She wasn’t an angel. She wasn’t pure. She wasn’t innocent. She was engaged in political warfare with Antifa.

Uncuck yourselves and uncuck yourselves now!

Oh, vile Cultural Marxist Leftist who hates me and wants to snuff me and my children and grandchildren out of existence, I swear I’m not this demonized group who doesn’t mean shit. I’m not this group who has been made into the Devil of the religion of Political Correctness. I literally swear I’m literally not Hitler. Oh please don’t call me mean names. Although I’ve been using the hashtag #FakeNews I’m all of a sudden concerned about what is happening in the Corporate Media who is desperate to attack Trump and separate his loyal voter base – the same Corporate Media that’s been playing divide and conquer for generations, oh my, what you have to say is so important to me even though I know it’s pure bullshit.

What the fuck? Have you learned nothing over the past two years? That’s right, dispite our differences and all the infighting we’ve been joined together an united under MAGA for two years! Two fucking years and you all got sucked into this bullshit trap?!

All I have to say about this shit is that you little bitches need to get your dicks back in the game.

What you witnessed on Saturday was a well planned and coordinated Psychological Operation conducted by the Deep State who have been itching for a moment like this to capitalize on. They’re losing and we’re winning and they fucking know it! Why do you think all the RINOs came springing out from where they’ve been tucking their tails to peacock and parade around in the Disavow Olympics? They’ve been sniping and picking way at the will of the people and Trump’s agenda well before he even got in office and have disregarded the will of the people for too long – and now they want to stand before us and tell us what’s what?

Fuck that!

The Left doesn’t give a fuck about what you have to say. The RINOs sold us out years ago. You can say as much as you want and throw an infinite number of people under the bus and at the end of the day they’ll still advocate for and seek your destruction. You know the game. You know the plays. You know damn well who your enemies are!

Heather Heyer was a literal and figurative road bump. Get all your shit, get it all together, and get back out there!

Untuck your dicks and take the fucking fight to them like we have been doing.

That’s all I have to say. Stop being a bitch!

Lets MAGA you stinky cunts!