Hacker Guccifer Admits that Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich was Source of Leaks.

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Back during the election we learned of yet another fishy death of a member of the Democratic party. And much like Vince Foster, this death was surrounded by mystery and cover up. Seth Conrad Rich was a DNC staffer who lived in Washington DC. The story goes that after information was released about Democrat Party voter fraud as discovered and revealed by Project Veritas. That Mr. Seth Rich was the source of the information of the Leaks. Apparently, before Rich was able to report his findings to appropriate authorities, he was shot twice in the back in a “robbery gone wrong”.

He was found dead down the street from his house in his yuppie, upperclass Neighborhood of Washington DC. On his palms and knees were scrapes and bruises. A clear struggle took place although his watch, wallet, pocket full of cash and rest of his belongings were left behind. Yeah, the guy that leaked the corruption scandal of the century just so happened to get robbed in his rich neighborhood. But even after having a knockdown, drag out fight with the guy, the would-be mugger decided not to take anything and just shoot the guy twice in the back before running off.

Recently, Clinton E-Mail hacker Guccifer 2.0 revealed in a twitter conversation with some skank that Seth Rich was indeed a contact of his. And also that Mr. Rich was indeed the leaker of the information from inside the DNC. Could he be lying? Sure. Could that Guccifer handle be fake? Sure. But Julian Assange also made the cryptic allusion that Mr. Rich was possibly murdered for releasing information in his interview with Sean Hannity.

Sure. By themselves, all of these details could be chalked up to coincidence. But all together? There’s no way this guy wasn’t whacked by the Dems.