The Invasion Of The West Already Happened!

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Before I make my argument, I want you to consider some things. I want you to understand what we’re up against. I want you to imagine this scenario:

>You are Chinese
>You are a member of a spiritual group or are a political dissident
>Your politics or spirituality have been outlawed by the Chinese Communist Party
>You are arrested and imprisoned in a concentration camp
>From the concentration camp you are taken by van to an airport or hospital
>The van is equipped with medical equipment
>You are executed inside this van
>Your organs are cut out of your body while the van is in traffic
>The van arrives at the hospital or airport
>Your dead body in now in a black body bag and your harvested organs are on ice
>The organs are rushed to an operating room or onsite medical facility
>Your organs are surgically implanted into another person’s body
>What’s left of your body is sold to an artist
>You become art.

The photos above were jacked from Google and are of an art exhibit titled – “Bodies: The Exhibition.” The bodies are untraceable. No one knows where they came from. Think of this: what family would sell a mother and her unborn child so they can be made into art? These bodies are undoubtedly executed dissidents taken from Chinese prisons after their organs had been cut out of them.

This is a normal medical practice in China.

Let me say that again…

This is a normal medical practice in China.

The normal part about this is the use of prisoners for their organs. In the West we wait for the donor to die before we take the organs out of the body. In the China, it’s a different story.

We know full well what’s going on in China. The Chinese black market organ trade has been widely reported before Western Journalism took a nosedive and started to focus on conducting a soft coup to undermine the will of the American people. These reports can be found at The Epoch Times (here), The Daily Mail (here), The New Yorker (here), BBC (here), and even CNN (here).

This isn’t an article attempting to prove that this is something that’s happening and that I desperately need you to believe me. That boat has sailed, and it’s real. No, this is an article to help you understand what we, as a society, are up against. Our rights to express ourselves freely are under assault by the Left while they advocate for killing children in the womb and seek to allow open human trafficking. The Left want your children to cut off their genitalia for the sake of fashion. All of this is happening for a reason. This is article is about how these ideas have their roots in the East.

That scenario in the opening of this article is outdated, however. The vans aren’t in regular use and instead the Chinese Communist State has build medical wings onto their prisons to satisfy the influx of organ transplant tourism as well as the demand from inside China. According to some reports, more than 700 of these operating rooms have been built and it is argued that this black market organ trade is prospering.

In 1999 The victims were Falun Gong, in 2001 it was the House Christians, and then in 2003 it was the Tibetan Buddhists. The list goes on…

This of course is another story that highlights Eastern Civilization’s proficiency in disregarding the value of life. The value of life falls low on their scale of priorities.

Order and control, on the other hand, is placed above everything else.

Another example of how Eastern civilization has no regard for life is the forced one child policy in China. It may have been lifted but this embargo on human life only highlights the East’s disregard for it. The one child policy was so extreme that Chinese authorities would arrest young mothers and force them to have abortions. The pregnant mothers would be strapped to a table and injected with any number of chemicals such as formaldehyde or powerful bactericides like Lifannuo. Injecting these chemicals is aimed at killing the fetus. Once dead, the fetus is then ripped from the womb by a pair of tongs and thrown into a trash receptacle.

This same attitude towards human life is taken up by the Left.

In the West we have empathy for other creatures that we can connect with emotionally. This is why we keep them as pets and accept them into our families. We even extend our familial name to them. In our eyes we view them in the same light as kinfolk. Maybe even with higher regard for humans in some cases. The Eastern mindset of course is devoid of these basic appreciations for sentient beings.

In a bizarre twist, the Left view racial minorities in the same light. They view Blacks, Asians and Hispanics as if they are a vanity project or as pets. Their sense of xenophilia is what drives this. The Left idolizes that which is different from them. It might explain why they seek to make bestiality legal. After all, to the Left, love is love. On the same stroke, however, the Left doesn’t really care about these people. They only care as far as achieving their societal goals. And Just as in the case of abortion, the moment the Left is done with their minority pets their rainbow people will be thrown in the trash.

The bottom line? The Left is inhabited by monsters.

For those of us who aren’t complete psychopaths, the West’s ability to empathize with others is what our enemies have used against us – time and time again. You see it with the call for allowing supposed refugees past our borders and into our communities. These refugees, of course, are acting as a Trojan horse. The moral dilemma isn’t lost on me, but these people aren’t seeking to assimilate and are flowing from countries we just conducted war in. Do you think these people look at us in a favorable light? No, of course they don’t. If we don’t reverse course our civilization will fall.

What we perceive as a strength and one of our greatest qualities as a people is, at times, our greatest weakness. Empathy is what allows us to be taken advantage of. Our enemies don’t care about messages of fairness and equality. Lets be honest, the Left doesn’t care about fairness and equality either – it’s their weapon. The people on the Left have made it be known that they hate our society and the people who inhabit it. They hate their race and they hate their heritage. They hate their history and they hate all the future generations who are going to come after us. This is why they must be stopped.

They are Communists, Islamists, and Globalists plotting against you and your children. They’re in our schools, colleges, hospitals, police departments, government agencies, and on and on it goes. They’re even in our military. They’re brainwashing your children and this is where the Left springs from.

So, in light of this, what is the answer? I ask you this Dear Reader, how does Western Society cope with these invading ideologies? How does the West contend with the enemies within our midst?

Along with our immense appreciation for life, the West also has rules and regulations that act to protect that life. Certain rules we choose to enforce and others we disregard or have fazed out do to the belief that they’re too barbaric. Do we fight fire with fire and become like the societies in the East? Or do we allow the disease to fester and grow? Do we stamp these other ideologies out or do we allow them to continue on unabated and in place for the next generation(s) to fall victim to again and again?

How do we defend our birthright without giving up the parts of ourselves that truly make us great?

How do we defeat our enemies without becoming just like them?

There’s always that argument about what our Founding Fathers believed in and that our country was founded on all sorts of freedoms, but let me remind you of this -even our Founding Fathers believed in hanging traitors.

Have I taken liberties while writing this? Sure. Are their people in the East who don’t match what I’ve written? Of course. But this isn’t about the individual, this is about the societal models and the philosophies found there in. How many times have you seen our laws and appreciation for life, liberty and happiness used against us by invading ideologues seeking to destroy our civilization? It’s constant. It’s happening right now.

The question is: what are we going to do about it?