Did Trump Really Attack AG Jeff Sessions?

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Did our God Emperor and President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, really attack Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his interview with New York Times? Judging by the headlines you would have thought that Trump really laid into AG Jeff Sessions. By the looks of it you would think that what Trump was screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs. Or maybe it was so bad that Trump’s hair flew up into the air as steam came pouring out of his ears?

Listening to the cherry picked portions of the interview you can clearly tell that’s not what was happening. Trump was criticizing his own poor decisions in a round-about way. After all, by AG Sessions recusing himself from any and all Russian investigations concerning the elections he’s allowed the Dem wolves into the hen house. Trump is right in his assessment, and that HE should have picked someone else. Notice I said HE, meaning that in all reality Trump was actually criticizing his own decision to pick Jeff Sessions to fill the seat of Attorney General.

Here’s the hacked-up cherry-picked audio:

The Fake News media don’t want you to focus on this truth and this reality. No, they want you to believe that something else occurred there. They want you to think that Trump is treading water and everything is pure chaos. The Fake News will say and do anything to undermine our duly and rightfully elected President and his supporters (this means you).

According to NBC Trump was in a fit of RAGE during the interview! Not putting too much thought into it you would think that  this must be some serious stuff. What a headline! Is that what it sounded like in the audio above?

According to the New York Times, President Trumps’s comments were furious. Not only were they furious but President Trump and AG Sessions aren’t on good terms anymore because their relationship has been eroded. Just one bad comment and that was it. The whole thing was wrecked. What a joke. Again, keep in mind the audio.

Here’s the same trash from Washington Post reporter and NBC political analyst Robert Costa.

It gets even better. The Los Angeles Times took this false narrative to a whole new level. According to the Los Angeles Times, Trump is now engaged in WAR, fucking WAR, with the Justice Department. Look at that headline. Going by the audio, do you think that Trump is engaged in WAR with the DOJ and AG Jeff Sessions?

After the New York Times interview was released AG Sessions held a press conference to announce the latest Department of Justice successes. You would think that the press would be interested in what The DOJ has been up to, what, with fighting crime and all, but no, they were only interested in tabloid trash. The press conference only highlights what was allowed to fester and grow under the Obama administration but they don’t want to discuss that either. The only thing the corporate press has to offer is Fake News and anti-Trump hit articles. Keep this mind when you see anything coming from them.

Anyway, I leave you now with the video of the DOJ’s press conference. Take a look (Q&A begins at about the 23:00 mark):