Give us a Share!

Most of Americans are convinced that universal Health-care is a big deal. They think this because the talking heads on the television yak and yak endlessly about this while the political donor class prods the politicians in whichever direction they please. They yak and yak about healthcare and Russia. If the Russia story is pure trash what do you think the healthcare narrative is?

The Fake News likes to pretend they speak for all Americans and represent our best interests (they don’t). They represent their sponsors who just happen to be the insurance industry. With sponsors such as Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Pfizer, MERCK, and Bayer (all pharmaceutical giants) it’s not wonder the Fake News Media want you to think that having health insurance and access to prescription drugs is extremely imperative.

If the Republicans can’t repeal and/or replace Obama-care they need a new approach.

What is that other avenue of approach? Well, it’s the cost of health-care and how do you drive it down. I mean, lets face it; O-care is a monstrosity due to its enormous cost. Not only is the cost astronomical, but also O-care has forced most insurers in the industry to drop out from the game all together. That was the plan all along, a controlled demolition of the insurance industry by the insurance industry.

Why would the insurance industry write legislation to destroy itself?

Well, it’s real simple; by driving up the cost of insurance, or more pointedly the cost to insure the healthcare consumer (you), it causes smaller insurers to get out of the business. The smaller cash strapped insurers are forced out of the business or by the very least give up their right to stick their hand in the Obama-care money pot.

Speaking of money pots, that’s exactly what O-care was about. It was about allowing the Federal Government to force their hand further down your pocket and take even more of your money. If you don’t pay up you get punished. They planned to drive the piglets out so the big pigs can eat even more, and it worked.

It was about fleecing the America public and to insure the insurance industry. O-care is the embodiment of pork barrel spending. Except pork barrel spending is usually on small frivolous things. That’s what makes O-care so different. The price of this boondoggle is in the trillions. Only the largest insurance groups stay afloat while the industry and the marketplace gets wrecked. The smaller companies can’t stay profitable and they sink while the huge healthcare pig networks that helped design the O-care bill and hand tailored it to meet their specifications keep on gobbling from the federal money trough. This, in a way, creates a monopoly over the markets. Of course there are still walls in place that control the insurance marketplace in the form of state lines. That doesn’t matter to them, the state lines only act as pigpens for the healthcare gluttons. The state line pigpens insure that all 50 troughs get filled to the brim so they can eat and eat and eat.

So how do we get rid of all the oink-oink?

We deregulate. We rip down the pens. We force the big fat pigs to compete. We give the consumers paying into the healthcare pig troughs choice. We let people like you have the ability to choose which pig you want to feed. We trim the fat in the way of not guaranteeing the insurance industry pigs insane monthly premiums for simply existing.

If you can’t get rid of pigs in the pigpen then you make the pigs squeal, and if you’re still not happy you can stop feeding that big fat pig all together.