The Truth Bombshell Behind Trump Jr’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer!

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In the summer of 2016 and at the height of a hotly contested Presidential campaign Donald J. Trump Jr. held a meeting with a Russian lawyer. This is no secret, Donald Jr. isn’t shy about what happened.

This information has been known for well over a year.

So, why is there all of this highly sensationalized media attention all of a sudden? The Russian collusion narrative is dead. The influence on U.S. elections has come to be understood as foreign press interference and extremely ineffective phishing attempts to access voting official’s computer databases from freelance computer hackers. The origins of those cyber attacks have never been confirmed due to the ability to mask IP addresses. The media of course ignored the Democrat Party’s attempts to steal the election and the undercover work revealing massive voter fraud on their part.

Of course this is another example of the “destroy Trump media” and their media bias. They’re all in and are working overtime to subvert the will of the people.

Something very deep and dark stands out through all of this. First, I want you to read a public statement made Donald J. Trump Jr.
In his statement Trump Jr. mentions that Ms. Natalia Veselnitskaya, the person whom he met, spoke of Hillary Clinton and Russian adoptions.

Those well versed in the events preceding November’s election already know where this is going. Before we get into that I insist we have a look at Donald Jr’s public statement.

This is the public statement made by Trump Jr.:

I was asked to have a meeting by an acquaintance I knew from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant with an individual who I was told might have information helpful to the campaign. I was not told her name prior to the meeting. I asked Jared and Paul to attend, but told them nothing of the substance. We had a meeting in June 2016. After pleasantries were exchanged, the woman stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms. Clinton. Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. No details or supporting information was provided or even offered. It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information. She then changed subjects and began discussing the adoption of Russian children and mentioned the Magnitsky Act. It became clear to me that this was the true agenda all along and that the claims of potentially helpful information were a pretext for the meeting. I interrupted and advised her that my father was not an elected official, but rather a private citizen, and that her comments and concerns were better addressed if and when he held public office. The meeting lasted approximately 20 to 30 minutes. As it ended, my acquaintance apologized for taking up our time. That was the end of it and there was no further contact or follow-up of any kind. My father knew nothing of the meeting or these events.

As you can see and by Trump Jr.’s account there’s not much to see here and he’s been very open about what transpired in that meeting. Well, nothing to see as far as anything incriminating on the part of the Donald J. Trump Jr. that is.

Ms. Veselnitskaya mentioned that she had information about Hillary Clinton and campaign contributors with ties to Russia funding the DNC and at some point switched subjects to a Russian adoption ban.

The Russian Duma signed the adoption ban into law in 2012 with 441 in approval with only 7 members in opposition. The bill is unofficially titled the Dima Yakovlev bill in honor of an adopted toddler whose death was reportedly caused by being left unattended in a car by his adoptive parents in the U.S., and subsequently dying of a heat stroke in 2008.

The passing of the adoption ban was in response to the U.S. Congress passing the Magnitsky Act , which was signed into law by former President Barrack Hussein Obama. The Magnitsky Act was signed into law in response to the death of a lawyer, Sergi Magnitsky who allegedly uncovered a money-laundering scheme involving Russian officials, police and the mafia. Sergi Magnitsky was beaten and tortured to death in a Russian prison. His death was covered-up and officially attributed to gall bladder stones and later changed to cardiac thrombosis.

The Magnitsky act is designed to refuse Russian officials who were thought to be responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky entrance to the United States and its banking system.

Sergi Magnitsky was a lawyer who represented Hermitage Capital Management in Russia, which was founded by CEO Bill Browder. Bill Browder was born into a prominent Jewish family in Chicago. His father, Earl Browder, was the former leader of the Communist Party USA.

Hermitage Capital Management bills itself as an activist fund where they expose corruption in the companies in its holdings. Hermitage Capital Investment lures investors into pouring their assets into their capital management fund. It then reports the assets it manages as illicit and then moves the assets out of reach from its owners. What Hermitage Capital Management does is engage in theft on a monumental scale.

In November 2005 Bill Browder was listed as a threat to national security and barred from entering Russia.

One can only assume that Donald Jr. didn’t understand what Ms. Veselnitskaya was alluding to or he might have simply understood the magnitude of the situation and knew just how dangerous it really was.

But why the adoption ban?

After the fall of the Soviet Union human trafficking exploded in Russian. With no effective means to control it’s borders and a government in shambles the shadowy sex trafficking cartels moved massive amounts of men, women, and children out of the country and onto the black market around the world.

So, just how do you move children across international lines and across continents without being noticed? How do you get a sex slave from Eastern Europe to North America with no problems at all? The answer is very simple. You do it in plain sight.

Who would go to such trouble to adopt children and subject them to child prostitution? More importantly, who typically has such despicable tastes and money to throw around to import child sex slaves? The ‘Elite’ of course.

The very wealthy ‘Elite’ don’t actually handle this business themselves, they have their own private wranglers to do it for them. They feed, house, cloth and train the children in exchange for money and protection. The wranglers are of course pedophiles themselves and participate in the sex abuse as well.

Regardless if whether or not you want to believe in it there is a massive sex slavery network that spans across the globe and reaches to the very top of each and every elite political network on the planet.

For example, take Jeffery Epstein, a Jewish financier from New York.

In June of 2008 Epstein was arrested and plead guilty for soliciting sex from a 14 year old  girl. According to investigators Epstein’s house contained a large number of photographs of various girls. The mansion was also wired with hidden cameras that Epstein used to film sex acts between blackmail victims and underage girls. Evidence surfaced showing that one of his victims included United Kingdom’s Prince Edward. Agreeing not to contest civil claims laid against him by his numerous victims, Epstein escaped criminal prosecution for his blackmail schemes by settling with them out of court. Epstein served 13 months of his 18 month sentence and was registered as a class three sex offender.

Jeffery Epstein has become known quite well for his ‘Lolita Express’.

Lolita is define by the Urban Dictionary as such:

“Lolita is a nickname for Delores. It is also a term used to describe a prepubescent or adolescent girl who is attractive and sexually responsive. She lusts after older men, and is lusted by them in return. The term originates from the Vladimir Nabakov novel ”Lolita” which told the tale of the love affair between middle aged Humbert and his 12 year old stepdaughter Lolita. It became a popular term in the 90’s when the teenaged Amy Fisher who shot the wife of her older lover Joey Buttafauco, was called ”The Long Island Lolita”. The term was also used a lot during the controversy surrounding the 90’s remake of the 1962 film version of Lolita directed by the late Stanley Kubrick. The film which starred Jeremy Irons and was directed by Adrian Lyne, had trouble finding backers due to the controversial subject matter. 14 year old Dominique Swain played the title character, and the fact that a child actress was playing an underaged character involved with sex with adults fueled the controversy. Lolita is also used as a euphemism for child erotica, child porn, or barely legal adult porn.”

‘Lolita Express’ is a service run by Epstein where he provides a private jet to bring wealthy members, or the ‘Elite’, to his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands where he has child sex workers for them to have sex with. It is believed that Epstein is running another blackmail operation like the one he had in his New York mansion.

Epstein has become infamous due to his relationship with former U.S. President, Bill Clinton. It’s been reported that Bill Clinton ditched his Secret Service detail on numerous occasions to take flights on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express.’

Now you can see how Ms. Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Trump Jr. and other campaign officials is relevant to this deep and dark portion of reality where the world’s ‘Elite’ and the Clinton machine is concerned.

Referring to Urban Dictionary’s definition of ‘Lolita’, it mentions a 1962 film titled ‘Lolita” directed by the late Stanley Kubrick. The film follows a man and his sexual odyssey with an underage schoolgirl. Oddly enough, Kubrick later directed a 1999 erotic drama titled ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ that tells a tale of a doctor who stumbles into a sex party being held by secretive sex cult. The House Master who is conducting the sex party later threatens the doctor’s life. His life is spared by one of the masked sex workers agreeing to take his place instead.

Stanley Kubrick is widely believed to have been hiding the truth in his films. This truth of course is a dark, murky, and secretive world of the ‘Elite.’ Kubrick’s film makes this reality appear sexy and attractive, but the cold and harsh reality is anything but sexy and attractive.

Still don’t believe me?

Take into account admitted serial child molester Dennis Hastert. Dennis Hastert served as Speaker of the House from 1999 to 2007 and had been a Illinois congressman since 1987. In 2015 he plead guilty to federal criminal charges of illegally structuring financial transactions to conceal payments to cover-up the sex abuse. Hastert couldn’t be held on the sex abuse charges due to statutes of limitations for acts committed in the 1960’s and 70’s.

According to e-mails leaked to Wikileaks, Hastert and Tony Podesta of Pizzagate fame have been revealed to be life long friends. It has since been revealed that the two have been connected since Hastert and Podesta participated in a three month student ambassador program in Japan while Hastert was in his first year of graduate school.

Tony Podesta is of course the brother of John Podesta, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

Don’t forget former Jewish New York Congressman Anthony Weiner who plead guilty to charges of transferring obscene material in connection to sexting an underage teenage girl. Anthony Weiner is the husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff while serving as U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Abedin later served Hillary Clinton as vice chair to Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

Is Pizzagate, which was later re-dubbed Pedogate the product of the meeting between Donald J. Trump Jr. and Ms. Natalia Veselnitskaya? Did Donald Jr. refuse to have anything to do with it and the information came to light anyway? Perhaps Junior knew about these child sex rings and thought it wise to avoid the subject altogether due to the very powerful and very dangerous people involved?

If this is the case, then Donald J. Trump Jr.’s testamony before the House Intelligence Committee might just be the beginning to a very public undoing of a nasty secret that no one has had the courage to confront and live to tell about it – until now.