What Is The Alt-Right? Here’s The Truth!

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You’re probably already on edge just seeing the word ‘Alt-Right.’ Relax, this article won’t bite you.

The truth about the Alt-Right is really simple and I want you to hear me out.

The thing about the Alt-Right is they’re young people in their teens and early 20’s, and yes, I know, there are older people involved too. Their age group is set to be the largest conservative demographic in recent history.

From what I can see, all they want out of life is to make nice and stable families, learn a trade or profession and keep stable jobs, build big beautiful homes for their families to live in, and they have no interest in any other culture but their own. Is that so wrong?

No. No, it’s not.

Now, remember, these young and somewhat bold conservatives are students of history and they’ve done plenty of research to bring them to the conclusions that they have all managed to agree upon as peers. In other words, their ideology is peer reviewed. They have done this simply by talking to each other and studying the past.

What bothers me about this counter-signaling situation in the right-wing community is the Boomer generation and their brand of conservatism shunning the youth and the future they seek to create. Sure, some of the stuff that comes from some the members in the Alt-Right can be off putting, but deep down they’re good people.

So why don’t we welcome them into the fold? Why don’t we break bread with them and come to a simple understanding? After all, it’s your generation’s failed leadership that have driven them down the path they’re on in the first place.

The boomer generation already have their homes. The boomers already have their jobs. The boomer generation already have their families… who happen to be completely white.

Yeah, I went there, and I feel absolutely no guilt for doing it.

What is the bottom line and the point to all of this?

Stop being hypocrites and accept the youth! After all, the youth is our future.

#AmericaFIrst #UniteTheRight