Hey Asshole, The Enemy Is To The Left!

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Written by guest author, Ryan Thomas:

So, the other day, I watched a Lauren Southern video entitled ‘The Alt-Lite vs Free Speech.’ In this video, Lauren went on to assert that the alt-right has begun to self-police and censor itself much like the regressive leftists​ have done within their ranks.

I find Lauren Southern’s observation to be pretty self-evident as of late, and I don’t think anyone that’s been paying attention to events like the Oath Keepers removing of a “white nationalist” from their protest would disagree that the alt-right has infighting of its own.

So far, so good.

I’m in agreement with her thus far in the video, but I do disagree with any assertion that the alt-right is somehow devolving. As a group grows – as any group does – many individuals with different ideologies and agendas begin to enter the homogeneous​ ranks, which in turn create degrees of disruption within the group. This sort of thing has occurred​ in political factions since the inception of organized politics.

So why am I composing this article if my only contention thus far is more or less nit-picking? My disagreement with Lauren begins in her assertion that the alt-right needs to avoid mirroring the left-wing Antifa types that have censored and bullied opposing viewpoints into silence.

Bullying a moderate within your ranks because they don’t hold as “extreme” views as you? I think most reasonable people will agree that such tactics are counterproductive and just plain dumb.

You may ask, what about bullying an Antifa type Leftist because of their ideology that is cancerous to myself and the American way of life? I say, fuck them. It’s actually a better form of treatment than they deserve.

Lauren argues in the video that all points of view should be valued and defended, even if those people and their view points you are defending would have you thrown in a gulag for simply waving an American flag. It’s this sort of romanticism with free speech and classical liberalism that has cucked the Republican Party time and time again.

Defending an extreme leftist that would have the American way of life ended would be like telling your doctor to ignore your cancer that is spreading throughout your body because it has a right to exist, too. Problems don’t go away by entertaining them; they go away by making them go away – but that’s a subject for a different time and place.

So how do you address a violent sect of a major political party that operates more like ISIS does in Islam than they do as a civilized political faction? You do it shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-back with those that share your desire to see the extremist Left sent back to the depths of obscurity from which they came.


Whether it be in social media or in the streets, stand tall and united with one another.

You can watch Lauren Southern’s video below: