You’re A Racist – Here’s Why It Doesn’t Matter!

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Just what is the plan over at the Democrat Party?

Now, I know what you’re saying – “Who fucking cares?”

I get it and I agree, fuck them, but the key to winning any fight, any battle, and any war is to understand your enemies and how they think.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the political scene then you might not understand that the common tactics on the Left are to label and smear their opponents as racist, sexist, misogynistic and/or xenophobic.

Hell, I’m a deplorable and proud of it. I’m a deplorable because I refused to bow down to this low-blow political tactic. I learned. I learned and applied it to my everyday thinking.

The truth is, the Democrat Party has no message, they have no plans, and instead depend on the good nature and good hearts of conservatives and take advantage of and abuse this attribute that make us so great. They depend on the goodness deep within all of us. They depend on us to be kowtowed, blamed, and verbally abused into submission by false accusations. These false accusations of racism, sexism, misogyny, and xenophobia are only intended to make you feel guilty. By making you feel guilty they tend to make you side with them and support them at the ballot box to absolve you of your supposed sins.

We will no longer be fooled.

In the past we have gone along with this tactic and even thought the facts that we weren’t racist or sexist, or misogynistic – or xenophobic (that’s a new one) – as a source of pride. Be it as it may, this has never stopped the Right’s opponents from labeling us as such.

What’s different from previous election seasons is this time around their entire strategy consists of playing the race card and the sex card or whatever else card they thought they could play. They commonly played the victim card even after 8 years of Democrat rule. The last 8 years of failure falls squarely on their shoulders. However, 8 years of failure wasn’t their fault apparently. No, it had to be racism of course and every other demeaning word they loaded their political arsenal up with. We weren’t just guilty of racism, no, this time we were guilty of institutional racism and the entire system we designed to benefit whites and whites only (never mind the simple fact that conservatism is home to all peoples). You see, the Democrats depend on their divide and conquer strategy.

But here’s the thing – we grew wise!

Now, you might have understood this little game they play prior to this election cycle but what happened in 2016, and to the Democrat’s dismay, is that the entire Republican or Right leaning base became aware of this tactic over the course of the election. We became aware and we became immune.

We woke up and rubbed the sand from our eyes. We woke up and began to see with clarity. We already knew with certainty that the leaders of the Democrats were no good but this time around we saw it in every move and every word.

Going forward from here they will have less potency. Their blame game will only cause them to lose more and more ground in the political arena. Going forward from here we are going to win – win – win!

So stop bowing to their sick game. Stop capitulating and conforming to their terms. Let their false accusations roll down your back like water. And by God, stick up for yourself!