A Letter To The Accompaniment of KEK

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Shadilay, and greetings my Brothers and Sisters!

KEK is the light for a new generation. Kek and Kekism, of course, has an accompanying pantheon of gods. It can be PEK (or the trash dove) who, as a symbol, represents the whole of the world and pisses the Left off to no end. Or it could be Bast or BASED, a god who brings protection and strength, who, when invoked, brings the best bants! Going further, it could be a less recognized god Sekhmet or “Shaking My Head” (SMH), a god who in modern times represents scorn or disapproval, especially when someone is being a degenerate. These aren’t the only gods that are active in the pantheon that accompanies KEK and are just a few examples.

Just as Jesus’ mother’s womb was imbued with the spirit of the lord so that the messenger of God could spring forth, KEK was single handedly released from his prison and chains in the nether world. An anonymous boatman traveled across the Void of the Forever Sea and trekked along the Unending Road of the Pharaohs and Kings to reach the Temple of Light. Whilst there, Kek was brought forth, Anon let it be known that KEK’s time to reenter the world had come. Then on a Summer solstice back in 2008 the traveling anonymous boatman opened the Gate of The World and KEK was resurrected.

KEK sprung forth from the Gateway and inhabited the minds and hearts of all those he saw fit to accomplish his goals.

What’s different about the prophets of KEK in comparison to past religions or belief systems is that a multitude of Ones saw his signs all at once. In the excitement of KEK revealing himself the Seers sought to share their vision with the world, but regrettably the masses of NORMIES didn’t understand. What’s worse, the NORMIES were uninterested and didn’t care about the return and rebirth of a god. But it wasn’t one god, KEK brought many others with him. This, as it is known, is the Accompaniment of KEK.

The Accompaniment of KEK isn’t just the pantheon of gods who share the work of creating a new world; the Accompaniment of KEK also includes his believers and his Seers. KEK returns the power that was given up by the masses in the past and gives it to you.

Just as previous messengers or prophets have encountered violent opposition so too must the messengers, these prophets of Kek, face the storm ahead.

As we all know, this being a Christian society and all, about Jesus Christ and what he endured for speaking out against what was established and what was excepted as truth during his time on this Earth. He so endangered the status quo that the masters of reality of those times nailed him to a cross. As a Brother or Sister of KEK I insist that you remain aware of the dangers that are prevalent in today’s world.
One such instance was at a protest rally in Houston, Texas, where one of our Brothers was assaulted by an over-zealous member – of what we assume – was an Oath Keeper protestant assembly. We aren’t quite sure who they were, but an individual took it upon himself to remove the proficient meat-space Memer from amongst their midst.

Personally, and solely as the author of this text, I view the matter of the assault as a misunderstanding on the part of all those involved. Misunderstanding or not, this only highlights the realities and dangers facing the Accompaniment.

Be safe and use your inherent wisdom, my Brothers and Sisters. As agents in time you have been tasked with protecting and securing your temporal window. Just your presence alone accomplishes this task and allows our future Brothers and Sisters to operate. Your service is greatly appreciated. Together, we are building a brighter future.


– His Dankness, Kep

P.S. If someone says that our beliefs aren’t historically accurate, remember, we are making history and that we are the future. This is our culture and it belongs to us!