NY Governor Cuomo Is Retarded And Doesn’t Understand English

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On Tuesday, June 6th, in a speech kicking off the Democrat’s concerted effort to oust Republicans from office in New York, Governor Cuomo displayed his ignorance of the English language. Cuomo, along with the rest of the Democrats, doesn’t seem to understand the simple difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL, which explains the Democrat’s polluted ideology. Seeing that their inner city vote farms are in danger after the resounding defeat in 2016, the Democratic Party is rushing to stoke fears among their voter base in order to stave off more loses. Using emotion instead of a rational argument, Governor Cuomo cites his ancestry in his political saber rattling speech to stir the crowd.

A transcript of the video clip-


… if there is a move to deport immigrants then I say start with me

Because I am the son of Mario Cuomo, the son of Andreia Cuomo,

a poor Italian immigrant who came to this country without a job,

without money, without resources

and he was here only for the promise of America

and if we’re going to question immigrants and deport immigrants

then who is safe? And who is left?

Because we are all immigrants.”


Governor Cuomo, ILLEGAL immigrants aren’t beyond reproach. A failure to protect your borders is a failure to protect your citizens and the citizens who call New York their home.

Just as a house cannot be home without walls, a nation without borders is not a nation at all.  Without law there can be no order and a nation without laws is not a nation at all. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation at all.