Fuck The Paris Climate Agreement!

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All your life you’ve been told that saving the environment is your duty and responsibility as a good citizen of this planet. You would do anything to save it wouldn’t you? You would give yourself so that the planet can live wouldn’t you? The planet is weak and defenseless, it’s never, no, not once has the planet bounced back from world ending catastrophes like asteroids and ice ages. It needs your help!

Recycle! It seems simple enough. All you have to do is place your paper and plastic in the proper receptacle and then leave the bins out so the man in the happy recycling truck can take it to a happy factory where smiling clouds and singing trees live. Isn’t it just great?

But wait, you’re not doing enough! How could you turn your back on the environment? I mean, it’s the environment! It needs you! You’re a bad citizen and you’re not doing your part. Now you have to buy all the right stuff. But the right stuff isn’t just any stuff, you have to buy the products that support free trade under the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement, but look here – free trade isn’t fair, so now it’s fair trade. Buy the fair trade goods pushed on local suppliers by NGOs, because after all, we’re a privileged people and competition is unfair to the incapable brown skinned people who just can’t keep up with our superiority.

Do you support free markets? Do you support the right of self-determination? Do you support freedom and liberty? Of course you do! You’re a NAZI! NAZIs are the worst thing we can imagine because we’re stunted thinkers and believe everything we’re told.

How else can the plant and the environment be saved? No, the planet is incapable of adjusting as it’s done for trillions of years. Oh, I know, the only way, which is through the marketplace. We have this power, the power of spending! Buying things determines our existence!

Oh, look. You’ve done it again. You’re a terrible citizen who doesn’t like the Planet and the Environment. Now the Ice Caps are melting. They fluctuate and shift in size according the solar cycles of the sun and this has occurred many, many times before, but that’s not important. It’s not important because you’re a NAZI! Only NAZIs hate Polar Bears. Why don’t you want to save them? What would happen to the planet if there were no Polar Bears?

Enter: The Paris Climate Agreement [stage left]

The Paris Climate agreement amounts to nothing but controlling the international market place in favor of multi-national corporations and ensuring the elimination of competition. The Paris Climate agreement ensures that all competing industry that use cheap and affordable fossil fuels are slowly eliminated so industries that support the agreement can thrive, along with their vision of the future. Once those jobs are gone they’re never going to come back, but that’s the plan isn’t it?

The destruction of the middle class and its supporting industries is the name of the game. The middle class is the only thing standing in the way of the Ultra Mega-Wealthy Globalists wet dream of a Metropolis-esque reality they’ve been pining for since Black Tuesday in 1929. Except, in their new dream they have machines instead of a slave class.

The Paris Climate Agreement freezes the lower working class in place. All ladders and opportunities for advancement are pulled up and out of reach for the newly minted underclass. In concert with this push for destroying all industry is the specter of Universal Basic Income. Underclass? No, it will become the receiver-class.

On its face it seems nice. With Universal Basic Income you don’t have to work and you get to live your life how you like, but that’s simply not the case. This income will be right at the poverty level. You will not have freedom of movement. You won’t be given anything in the form of cash – it will be a ration, it will be a welfare food card. You’ll be a lifelong Wal-Mart shopper. Your offspring (if you’re not sterilized as a part of the deal) will be secured to the conveyer belt like a consumer form of the human centipede and fed their cancer causing genetically modified and preservative laden foods providing no nutritional value. Then once you’ve been given their cancer from imbibing their poison you’ll be seen into a hospital or medical facility where you’ll be irradiated and have your colon and hip mercilessly cut from your body. Which hip? Whichever the depraved surgeon decides looks the worst on the x-ray film of course.

It won’t happen all at once. This will be strung out over a number of years. The poisonous food won’t have its effect until you’re in your late 50s or 60s. They can’t have you noticing what’s really going on. They don’t want you to snap out of your hypnotized state of mind. It’s like cows in a slaughterhouse. They don’t really understand what’s happening to them until its too late. They don’t really understand what’s happening until the steel piston is driven through their skulls and into their brains.

This is your future. This is the cold hard reality of the culling.

The injections of mercury to blunt your mind, public education designed to make you stupid, out sourcing of all industry to keep you from building anything meaningful, and industrial scale abortions aren’t enough.

They want you dead.

Trump may have pulled us from the Paris Climate Agreement, but it’s only temporary. Trump is fighting like hell for each and every American but time is a fickle thing. After Trump is forced from the Presidency due to term limits everything will go back to the way it has been. The moment a member of the phony Uni-Party (Democrats and Republicans) gets back in to office crime, bribery, and graft will be back on. We’re going to be fucked if we don’t step up and do our part for all future Americans.

Praise Donald J. Trump and his use of Common Sense!