Commie Tyrant Raul Castro Sends Thugs to Arrest Cuban Libertarians

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Communist Dictator and Obama pal Raul Castro of Cuba finally got tired of the brave members of the Cuban Libertarian party spreading that pesky message of Liberty and Free Markets. So he did what all Communists do when presented with logic and facts. He used violence to silence them. And in the case of Cuba, he used institutionalized violence via the Government. I know many Americans will say “Who cares, it’s Cuba. That place has sucked for years” That’s exactly why we need to get this out. We all know about the Marxist subversion of this country. We’re only a few years away from looking at a similar situation as Cuba. So, if you actually give a shit about all of this and want to smash Communism, you’ll help strike back at their strongholds. Let’s turn the tables and subvert their countries.

We memed a loud mouthed New Yorker into president of the most powerful country in the world. Let’s meme Communism to the pits of hell where it belongs by subverting these little countries. Join us and let’s actually bring the fight to these parasites. Load up the meme cannons, fam. It’s time to give out some helicopter rides.

All the activists at LP Cuba HQ were taken away by State Security.

Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand the spokesman, Heriberto Pons Ruis the Vice Chair, Caridad Ramirez Utria the Chair, Miguelito Cartelito the interpreter, and another member named either Edwin or Erwin.

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Ryan Ramsey, Host of Global Dissident Voices gives breaking news update on Cuban Libertarian Party.