Reality TV President?

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Is the Presidency a Reality Television show?

Reality television is anything but reality. It’s just like any other show except there’s not much of a script. It’s all just an impromptu – a production made on the fly. Of course there’s guidance from the producers but not much else is put into the making of these shows.

You might say that I’m being really autistic right now and you might be right, but I’m partially convinced that this might be a possibility.

Recently, the disheveled looking Robert De Niro appeared before Brown University graduates and gave a commencement speech. In this speech he said, “In movie terms, America used to be an uplifting drama.” As if the Obama administration’s unprecedented violations of American citizen’s privacy and the 4th Amendment is something all future generations ought to look up to, not to mention how Obama publicly and officially supported and even armed terrorist organizations who mercilessly behead and burn it’s captives alive. We could get into it but that’s not the point of this article. Getting back to Reality TV -Robert De Niro continued on in his speech saying,” But now? America has become a tragic dumb-ass comedy.”

You can easily say that he was being melodramatic and has fallen victim to what has been dubbed “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” The disease that sends Hollywood elites and their unwitting minions into fits of rage and emotional meltdowns.

But you have to wonder, is he onto something and completely fell into it by accident? Is there something to De Niro’s claims or am I desperate for ideas and writing materials? Fuck you, it doesn’t really matter what you think because you’re going to read my shit anyway.

Now let me build a case you worthless asshole.

Lets begin, shall we? Take for instance the Miss Universe Organization, which includes Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA pageants. Trump acquired the organization back in 1996. If you’re a fat feminist that no one wants to fuck because you’re disgusting and are screaming at the screen because of “body positive” or some such trash you were fed, go fuck yourself, beautiful women are boss. But that’s not my point! My point is: Trump has 20 years of knowledge built up centered on elaborate displays and ceremonies. If anyone is familiar with the popular 4D Chess meme you’ll instantly understand what it is that I’m implying. Trump is a Master Class Showman.

Further more, we have Trump’s successes and failures in televised entertainment with The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. The Apprentice, executively produced by Trump, first aired in 2004 and ran up until 2017. Although The Apprentice wasn’t renewed after Trump became the President of The United States his other television success, Celebrity Apprentice, went on to be executively produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. With Schwarzenegger at the helm the show flopped. Trump also had a dating show titled The Ultimate Merger that had dismal ratings. The success or failure of the shows doesn’t matter and holds no bearing on my main point: Donald Trump, on top of 20 years of pageantry knowledge, minus the Arney season of Celebrity Apprentice when doing my pigeon math, has 12 years of knowledge in the television industry.

I know it’s shitty Reality TV, but what the fuck is the whole point of this article?

Go on – let that one sink in.

Then, there’s Trump Entertainment. Trump Entertainment is centered on world-class hotels and golf courses frequented by the elite. Sure, you can scoff and criticize them by saying; “Well what makes them so elite?” That’s not the point. Trump Entertainment was founded in 1995. That means that Trump has 21 years of experience dealing with the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests and visitors ranging from Celebrity A-Listers, corporate executives, to world leaders. This knowledge is important where diplomacy is concerned. This isn’t important to the Reality Television angle unless you assume that Trump has become friends with a lot of celebrities, business leaders and politicians.

With all that combined, Trump has amassed 53 years of knowledge in the entertainment industry and an outrageously large Rolodex. 53 years, that’s nearly an entire lifetime!

Now, in recent news we have the Kathy Griffin “gaff” with the poorly done faux-beheading of President Trump. I didn’t even know what she was holding until someone told me what it was, I mean, that’s just how shitty it looked. I’ve seen kids begging for candy on Halloween that looked better than that fucking thing. Come on Kathy get your shit together.

Yeah, it’s fake outrage coming from the conservatives. Whatever, I guess we’ll go along with it? Normal people aren’t even fazed by the display, but the conservative news outlets and commentators have to give the left a taste of their own medicine. From now on we’re going to see more and more of this phony outrage where commentators are lead by their halters to plead with the American public to be outraged too. We’ll pretend but we’re not actually going to be outraged, now are we Mad America?

Still not convinced? Take into consideration what CNN has been doing since its inception back in 1980. Anyone in the know knows that CNN and its compatriots including the wire services are apart of the U.S. intelligence apparatus. CNN is actually running a counter propaganda campaign against Trump. Sure, CNN let Kathy Griffin go, but it’s not because they’re outraged or appalled, it’s because Kathy Griffin turned, and is now working with Trump.

If CNN and the intelligence community is releasing false, misleading, and dishonest news which is passed of as non-partisan and completely objective, why wouldn’t Trump launch a similar program that cooks up and highlights goofs and gaffs to oppose the Fake News? Yes, I’m requiring you to use your brain. Fake News vs. Fake News as it were. This is the current state of political discourse and I’m enlisting you to participate.

Before I leave you I want you to consider another piece of information. White House Communications Director, Michael Dubke, stepped down and resigned on Tuesday. Perhaps he’s in the know and wants nothing to do with the counter propaganda campaign that’s about to be unleashed on the American public?

Don’t get me wrong and I don’t want you to be confused- Trump really was elected. Trump really is the President of The United States of America. There still is a world of international diplomacy, and yes, I assure you that ISIS really does behead infidels in the middle of the desert and our armed forces are still bombing the shit out them. What I’m saying here is when you see goofs and gaffs in the future involving celebrities and Trump I want you to think for a moment and ask yourself, is this Reality TV? Is this a counter propaganda campaign? What’s more, if you’re daring enough you can even join in.

That’s it. That’s the end of the article. Now get back to your pointless life you crusty cum sock.