Brown People Need to Stop Using Technology. They’re Appropriating White Culture.

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Apparently, due to “Cultural Appropriation” a burrito stand in Portland, Oregon has been intimidated into closing their doors. Owners Kali Wilgus and Elizabeth Connelly really enjoyed the cuisine they experienced during a road trip to Puerto Nueva, Mexico in 2016. During an interview, the two ladies described their observations while across the border.

“We were peeking into the windows of every kitchen. It’s a Mexican tradition to place the “tortilla lady” at a street side window where her techniques can be observed.”

This quote was picked up by Leftist propaganda outlet “” and accused them of being “Two White Cooks stealing Mexican recipes to open a restaurant in Portland”. It doesn’t stop there, local cucks at the alternative paper Portland Mercury accused them of being “Predatory white women colonizing cultural foods of PoC”. Which is hilarious, because Mexican food is already colonized and for good reason. Until the Spanish got there, the indigenous Mexican people were sacrificing babies and rolling severed heads down pyramid steps to satisfy a Sun Serpent deity. Not to mention the carnage the Aztecs reaped upon other indigenous Meso-American tribes. They also ate almost exclusively corn. Which we all know corn is dog shit. Literally zero nutritional value and doesn’t digest properly. The Aztecs sucked.

Either way, this is a shining example of the deranged Leftist thought policing that goes on in progressive toilets like Portland. After these Fake News dildos called for the witch hunt against these two women, the ravenous swarm of Leftist goblins slithered out from their murky dwellings, pitchforks in hand, to carry out a crucifixion in the name of social justice. And I’m sure you can guess what ensued. An all out assault of bad reviews, harassment, calls, emails, boycotts. The typical intimidation tactics. So, I guess since white people can’t use the inventions of brown people due to “Cultural Appropriation”, we’ll just go ahead and revoke all of ours too. Here’s a short list of some of the things brown people need to stop using because it colonizes us and marginalizes our culture.





-Combustion Engine



-Air Conditioning


-Deep Fryers

-Fake Tits

-Monster Trucks



-Video Games




-Almost all other sports

-Scarlett Johansson

-Pressurized Wood


-Gas Heat





-Heated Floors


That’s just a few things. So, we’ll agree not to make your shitty burritos if you keep your hands off of our inventions. Have fun living without modern medicine and smart phones.

You’re welcome

-Dave Martel