This Moment Is Our Moment – Carpe Diem!

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I’ve been kicking back in my backyard over Memorial Day weekend – the grass was freshly cut, dogs and burgers were on the grill, and the men were sipping beer and listening to tunes on the radio. Def Leppard, Ozzy and Black Sabbath, AC/DC, you know, the usual staples of normal everyday Americans. I was listening to stories being told about Johnny Jackass from Who-gives-a-fuck-ville and I got to thinking. I was thinking something along the lines of there just has to be another way. It wasn’t that thought exactly, it was more of the general feeling of seeking an alternative path.


Another way of what, an alternative path to where you might ask? Well, another way to climb up and out of this metaphorical labyrinthine maze of garbage information, flat out bullshit, and fake news, to get a better grip on the history of our ancestry and the past that has fallen victim to revision after revision after revision. To escape the current production of institutionalized infancy being passed off as education coming from our public education system, colleges and universities, to see the world from a different point of view and not from this conservative versus liberal versus the Marxist/Regressive Left’s kind of worldview. There has got to be another way. No, I know there’s another way and not in the philosophical “there are a million ways of looking at things” kind of way, and especially not in the sense of the various points of view that are thrust upon us as some hip new lifestyle choice “As Seen On TV” who’s writers were never allowed to take the viewer’s mind off the ball of cheese at the center of the maze. Consume and obey is all you’ll ever gain from that garbage “info-tainment” spewing from the boob-box dominating your living space.

What in the fuck has happened to our civilization anyway? Has it always been this bad, I asked myself? At this point my daydream began to fade into an imaginative form of what the past world, or what our ancestors must have experienced and thought of the impossible series of events that got us to where we are today. I was trying to figure out what and when it happened, when did everything get fucked beyond all recognition? If you take a look at the history of our nation there has always been some fucked up shit going on and why do we have this utopian vision of both the future and the distant past forced on us? Maybe shit being fucked up like it is – is normal?

Maybe being in a constant state of fucked-up-ness (I totally made that word up. Who fucking cares?) is normal and the country club conservatives and the fucking red state communists with a dash of blue haired Tumblerista Regressives have projected this idea of this unobtainable goal of utopia (all be it, very different ideas of utopia) as something “we have to get back to”? What if there never was this so-called Garden of Eden, and this idea of utopia might as well be a fever dream? Where did this idea come from?

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking to yourself,” What in the shit is this guy even talking about”? Well let me fill you the fuck in!


 To country club conservatives the dream of an ideal world is one where there’s milkman delivering jars of milk in the morning while the songbirds are singing a tune, and pops is sitting on his rocking chair smoking a tobacco pipe slapping his knee as he says, “awe shucks.” Mom is in the kitchen baking pies and knows nothing about vibrators, while little Tommy isn’t sucking dicks and taking dildos up the ass, and little Suzy is rosy cheeked, feminine, and not dying her hair blue, piercing her nipples and running around wearing practically nothing with slut written all over her body like a complete basket case. 

Did this moment in time really exist? Are we really that stupid to accept the propagandist’s projection of what the American Dream ought to be as truth? Don’t forget, propagandists are fucking liars.


 Strangely though, you see this yearning to return to this age when coal miners and factory workers were subjected to insanely unsafe working conditions. This is a time when automobiles spewed toxic lead laden smoke. A time when the peak of mental health practices was driving a pin into your prefrontal cortex to turn you into a vegetable if you were a ward of the state. Don’t forget the feminist’s favorite, Rosie the Riveter who was making bombers so other Europeans can wake from their beds to the nightmare of raining phosphorous incendiary hell fire. Why is this moment in time the dream age?

Then you have the whack-job Commies who dream of a world where everyone is a slave and their aren’t any slave masters. What kind of shit is that? They only get these three sentences because fuck them and fuck communism.

Why is the focus of our historical sights set on this period? Why does the corporate media set upon their powers of necromancy of the pen spilling ink to raise the skeletal army of the dead at every moment’s turn? Their writers acting as sorcerers gleefully plucking Hitler from his secret grave to once again stand before his legions and force that mangled army to march across the battlefields of Europe leaving the restless ghosts of the past begging to be laid to rest in the Earth’s soil once again. Why are the horrors of this particular moment in the past chosen as the constant reminder of the terrors of industrialized warfare?


 What about The Great War also known as World War I? How about the forgotten war in Korea, or the War in Vietnam? Those were both wars being fought to fight the tide of Communism. What about the Civil War where brother was set against brother whose bloody conclusion was the freedom of the slaves? Why not those moments in time? Have our ancestors not fought for what is good and right? The brave warriors of America who sacrificed their selves did so to secure the birth right of this nation for all future generations!


It’s almost as if this moment in time is being set as the beginning, the Genesis of a new and twisted religion, the religion of progressivism. The dualism of a postmodern age, an idea birthed from the very pits of hell. The innocence of the American Dream, the propagandist’s vision of Ma, Pa, Tommy and little Susie, is being used as a default to gauge the inversion of this new world. It is a comparison for perversion.

Do you see the battle? Do you see the war? Do you see the destruction of our culture? Do you see the destruction of our history? Do you see the destruction of our Nation from within? Do you see the hordes of the black mass? Do you see the black mass that is Antifa? Do you see those who are a force of darkness come to swallow the Light that is caste upon the land? Do you see those who share many of the same traits as the cultural destroyers in the Middle East, the cultural destroyers of Islam known as ISIS that not so coincidentally fly a back flag as well? Darkness, of course, only stands in opposition to enlightenment.

All past triumphs of our country and of our great civilization, all past glories that should shine bright and last into the twilight are being erased, one by one. The American Dream, the dream of a white middle class America is being attacked. The American Dream is being turned on its head. We never really obtained that dream, it was only the vision of propagandists, but it is being used as a basis as if it were an actual reality. The demons of “progressivism” have been programed and set loose from the Communist institutions of indoctrination and they seek only one thing, the complete and utter destruction of America and everything it stands for.

Know that they are the hordes of the black mass, the black ooze that seeps through the cracks of our society, the foot clan of darkness and destruction. These cultural Marxists, these destroyers know no boundaries, they know no sense of decency, and they know not of honor. They have ignored Lenin’s and Stalin’s and Mao’s and Pol Pot’s monumentally heinous acts committed through warfare and genocide. The cultural destroyers have blinded the eye of truth. Instead they bring the focus of this generation’s historical lens to bear only on the trespasses of western white men. Never mind the rivers of blood and bottomless pits filled with political dissidents left in the wake of Communism. Ignore the Red Horror fore the white children must be taught to kill and extinguish their kin. The Earth must be returned to the primitive. The torch of liberty must be extinguished. The light that shines upon the land must be snuffed out and returned to darkness once again. This is their call, this is their directive, and this is their wet dream of a coup de gras – the deathblow to all of Western Civilization.

Do you see my brothers? Do you see how dire the situation is? Do you see why it is so important that this Nation survives? I care not about country club conservatism and it’s flaws. Classical liberalism is a weakness but not our foe. Do you see the true enemies that are the Black Mass? Do you see the Islamists, the Cultural Marxists and the Regressive Left? They and their ideology of hate for the white man and our beautiful civilization are the sworn enemy we have been put on this Earth to do battle with. We must do battle, be it with sword or with pen it is no matter. The only thing that matters is that you know what it is that we fight for. Climb the walls and free yourself from the cacophony and malaise of conventional thought and dream a new dream! Dream of a world borne of not of darkness, but a new and bright world borne of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment!

Free your minds, my brothers! This is the dawning of a new age!