ICBM Interceptor Successfully Tested

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In a simulated attack meant to emulate a potential missile strike from North Korea, the Untied States Air Force successfully tested a state-of-the-art missile interceptor. The test involved an ICBM launched from Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean and an ICBM interceptor launched from Brandenburg Air Force Base off the coast of California.

The Pentagon reported that the missile intercept took place over the Pacific Ocean.

Although successful, the missile interceptor program is spotty at best. The previous and most recent test took place back in 2014 was only the 4th successful attempt out of 9. Tuesday’s test takes that record to 5 out of 10 successful attempts giving the program a .50 rating with 1.0 being the best.

In March, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was touring the Pacific assuring our allies in the region of our commitment to uphold our security agreements he said,” the policy of strategic patience [with North Korea] has ended,” adding, “if they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action then that option is on the table.”

Check out the video recorded by the Fox News Network: