Sex, Guns, Drugs, Murder, and the Clinton Crime Syndicate

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             The Clintons have committed so many crimes that when you put it all into perspective and have learned all the details there’s only one conclusion you can make. Put them in front of a firing squad. No, jail time will not do. No, lethal injection simply isn’t an option. Serial Killers get the lethal injection but the Clintons surpass serial killers. The Clinton’s are monsters in human bodies. I don’t even think a firing squad would do. Maybe we should seal them into an indestructible canister of some sort and shoot them into the sun. We can have a big sending away ceremony where everyone takes a big shit on the canister before it’s blasted off into space. I’m not even joking. 

They have so much blood on their hands and have helped poison and destroy so many lives on a scale of magnitudes that it is inconceivable. From drug smuggling, arming and equipping jihadis in the Middle East, to running a money laundering scheme through the Clinton Foundation and pay to play, and last but not least the mountains of bodies they’ve left in their wake. Don’t let me forget the human trafficking and the Jewish blood sacrifices in John Podesta’s pizza cult. Yeah, that shit is real. No one wants to touch it because the masses are still in a trance and have been lead to believe these blood cults are in ayy lmao territory. Everyone dropped it just like they’re going to drop the Seth Rich case.
So you got Mena, Arkansas. Mena, Arkansas is notorious for the CIA narco-terrorist operation that was based out of there. You see, geopolitics are dirty as fuck and when you have a corporate press that’s actively seeking to undermine your goals, waging an open war against Communism is nearly impossible to do. For example, look at Vietnam. Regardless of what you were told we were winning that war. So with that in mind our intelligence apparatus had to go dark. In come the black programs… It’s not this clean cut but basically the CIA had to come up with funds and guns on the down low to wage a covert war in the South American jungles to ensure that the American way of life could stay intact. That’s the side of the Secret Narco Wars the Press doesn’t want to tell you because they’re Commies themselves. They cling to this romanticism they fell in love with in college and never snapped out of the marijuana smoke. Because the power of the printing press has in shaping the American psyche this is the kind of shit we get. 
Alright. I’m getting off track here. Bill did whatever he was told to do as Governor and Mena served as a gateway for cocaine to flood the country. The CIA used the Mob to distribute the drugs into poor neighborhoods, mostly Democratic controlled inner-cities. All classes of people consumed the drugs. Again, the press mostly focuses on the plight of the non-white characters in this story and tells of how blacks were poisoned with crack-cocaine but the truth is everyone was on the shit. This was the 80s. The 80s are notorious for cocaine use. That’s simply the truth. Even your square woodshop teacher liked to snort coke while he got is dick sucked, okay? This is just how it was. 
Then of course you had the people like Reagan who couldn’t stand to see the horrors of the real world and started his War on Drugs. This cuckservative attitude towards the world is what got us into this mess in the first place. It’s what breeds people like the Clintons. I’m not all about drugs and shit but this is the truth. If you don’t like it then that’s too fucking bad. 
So, you got all that shit going on, I mean I could go into Bush and how he continued his father’s work in Afghanistan with the opium and heroin which is the cause of the heroin epidemic today but this is supposed to be a tale about the Clintons. 
Fast forward to the 2000s and Hillary is Secretary of State and she’s doing her pay to play scheme and abusing the public office while representing the American people. That’s right, she did her crimes in the name of the American people along with everyone else that came before her. Where do you think she got the idea? This is why it’s so hard to take the Clintons down and it’s because they’re just two people in a huge network of high profile criminals that have become imbedded in a secret and invisible government apparatus that is the Deep State. The Clintons and the entire caste of criminals have been fortified over time by the Bush CIA and Hoover’s FBI and a defanged DEA, on top of that they have the NSA/DHS spy net watching everything – the wall around them is nearly impenetrable. These are the very people who killed Kennedy. If they can get away with killing the President then they can damn well get away with fucking kids and blasting cocaine up their noses. Do you see the kind of power and influence I’m talking about? 
So, they armed and trained and equipped the Jihadis in the Middle East and just like the Covert Narco War in South America they’re dealing in narcotics except this time around they’re smuggling Opium, which is the main ingredient in making Heroin. Just like the Narco Wars these Jihadis ran wild and things get out of control and the war spread across the region. But, know this: that was the plan all along. There’s something in the making right now and it’s so big no one running with a public education would even be capable of understanding just how complex it is. It’s complex because of how many hands are on it and I’d rather not get into it and just focus on the Clintons. I mean, it’s some War World 3 kind of shit that was put off for a few years because of Trump but it’ll be back on the moment he’s out of office. The Clintons and the whole slew of people involved are tired of playing by the rules and want to destroy the Constitution and what is suppose to be a government for the people and by the people. A government not ruled by men but ruled by law. These people want to destroy all of that. 
So, we get into the 2016 presidential election season and the uni-party, that is the Democrat and Republican parties that masquerade as two separate entities but secretly collude and cooperate to obtain the same goals – Pepsi vs Coca~Cola kind of thing – getting back on subject, has basically cleared the way for Hillary to become president. Then Trump happened. Not really, I mean not in the sense that you might think it all happened, but Hillary’s health failed and Trump was their back up. Now, I like Trump. I figure if you’re going to get bullshitted you might as well get bullshitted by the best bullshitter there ever was. I knew that going in and I really enjoy watching the dumb fucks squirm over how brash and abrasive he is.
The problem is, Trump finished her off. I mean, he’s a winner and he’s not going to make it some phony trash that goes away in four years. He really believes the United States should be leading the Global World Order and not by some putrid rotting inbred European bankers who needed a whole team of scientists to cook up Viagra so they can go on fucking infants and goats and shit. This is the shit I’m talking about. These people are hopeless and Trump is our only true hope even if he is a member of the Weirdo Elite Cults that roam wild and abuse the shit out of common folk. 
Getting back to Hillary, she got Blown The Fuck Out and she still thinks the keys to the kingdom belong to her. For whatever reason she simply will not go away. Her faction lost and I think that’s why Trump played so hard in the end, he knew it wasn’t going to end there and we’re seeing it. The Clintons made threats and made Trumps children targets, because lets face it, the Clintons only know the blood game. The blood game is of course making people pay the ultimate price. They have people killed off and they use those killings to make an example to the other people who fell into their dungeon of death and chains and torture. I’m not even kidding. Sato masticism is one of their hobbies. Not the little spanks on the butt with a ball gag and safe words either. I’m talking surgical tools cutting pounds of flesh off at a time. Think I’m out of bounds? Look up the Baby Eaters of Hempstead. That’s a huge one to swallow. That’ll give you an idea of how serious the Pizza Gate allegations are. 

             Fuck, I’m off track again. Okay, so Seth Rich got caught up in the blood game as it were. Even if he was a commie fag Bernie supporter we still need to get to the bottom of his death. If we had a group of federal law enforcers who were willing to go all in and pursue this we would have the blinders pulled back far enough to see the inner working of the Clinton machine. We already know that people’s lives mean nothing to the Clintons, and the moment they even get a hint of paranoia about being exposed people turn up dead, missing, suicided or in crumpled bloody piles of bones at the bottom of a rocky gorge somewhere in California. This is how this works. They play no limits while the rest of us fear the Good God up above and pay our taxes. The Clintons are savages and the only way to beat Savages is to be the Fist of God bringing hellfire and brimstone down upon their heads.