Donfather Trump Makes Saudi King Kiss his Ring

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People can say what they want about the whole “Trump said Islam is a great faith huh?!-, all you voters got cucked!” Bs, but people can’t expect him to go on their home turf, and just rail them with insults, live, at thier own golden monolithic palace. He’s literally on the job, parlaying his public debt collection, into a recruitment speech about “peace”, while specifically listing what he and everyone else should be helping him battle. Barbaric criminals like isis and all kinds of the like – “behaviour, in the name of religion”. 

At one point he makes an attempt to put the ball in thier court about iran and thier funding of terror and disloyalty to the “Iran deal ” –

-Thanks Obama”- 

We all know exactly what Trump meant, or he wouldn’t be vaguely preaching it on their home turf to the faces of their government officials. 

If anyone attending that event believes they do not fall under that category 

(ie- criminally barbaric), then they have nothing to be insulted about. 
I don’t see him going all Justin Trudeau ,or Sweden on us for part of his rhetoric containing an obvious political compliment.

Didn’t Melania take a stroll uncucked the entire time and not have to wear that hijab while visiting?

We just made 110 billion dollars. The transaction is a midfunctuoning public relations stunt.

Trump balanced this instance of posturing

good enough to me.

Of course it’s all still a meme. Look at the globe hand thing, the gold palace, (literally everything was gold all around them) 

Look at the sword dancing

It was like something out of Dinsneys Alladin. 

All they needed were jeweled up elephants.

Im not the least bit surprised about the theatrics of it at all. There’s always some level of kabuki theatre to expect.
Why did this “deal” itself happen at all? That’s another discussion.

– Max Hardy